Wednesday, October 17, 2007

[b]ig time!

We are having SUCH a blast out here in New York! DJ's video guy Paul and I walked around all day today to see all the sites which was so much fun! I'll post some pics from that once I find a simple card reader! Who would've thought it would be THAT hard! lol!
Anyways..yesterday was a wonderful day of pretty much just vegging and getting some work caught up...then last night DJ and I headed out to have Dinner with Becker, Jessica, Keats, and Marisa at this REALLY amazing Japanese restaurant for Becker's birthday! Becker is so fun to hang out with because he is sooooo stinking hilarious and makes me laugh pretty much the whole time! It's awesome! lol!
We got him the best book that we thought might really help his business..check it out in the photo! haha!
I love my job so much I get to hang out with the best people ever and get to count it as a business expense! I don't know if this should be legal!! hahahah!
Love you all! :)

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