Saturday, August 04, 2007

Becoming Jane!

We have had a super fun weekend so far! We're having kind of a mini family reunion for my dad's side of the's mini because there are only about 35 people here rather than the normal about 60! lol! Yesterday afternoon my aunt, Natalie and I went to see the new movie Becoming Jane! It was such and incredibly adorable movie! Being the huge Jane Austen fan that I am this was such a great completion to all the movies I've seen from her so far! I highly recommend it!! It's interesting because I've seen a couple movies lately that haven't had the endings that you would expect....not all hollywoodized...and it's actually pretty refreshing! :) The movie is all about the author Jane Austen, her story, and were she got inspiration from! It's such a wonderful and emotional movie! :) Go see it!
I'm heading out to an awesome wedding this afternoon and am missing the main family party but the couple is so fun that it's worth it!!!! I'm excited! I'll post some pics of the family sometime soon!! I love you all!


Studio Foto said...

I LOVE Movies! We will have to go see it. By the way there is an awesome font called "jane Austin". We actually use it in our logo and marketing things.

kristen leigh photography said...

five more days...

Natalie Joy said...

AHHHH! just that pic wants to make me cry!
such an incredible movie!

kennykimdotcom said...

i'm not a huge anne of green gable fan but you raving about it makes me wanna see it now. :-)

ekitty said...

U need to see Bourne Ultimatum--Jason rocked my socks off!

Mary Bess said...

OMG!! I LOVE Jane Austen and I can't wait to see this movie...I'm making Justin take me since he missed taking me to the new version of Pride & Prejudice when it was out! :) And now that it has your approval, I'm super excited to go!!


JessieH said...


Glad you are enjoying yourself at the "mini" reunion.

I am hoping you were able to have the genealogy there to share with the rest of the tribe.

Please email me if was well received or not. It is kind of like one of your shoots. Much love, time, and effort went into the project and I am just curious.



Sarah Barlow said...

YES!! You all MUST see it!!

Kristen..OMG can't wait!!

Kenny, Anne of Green gables is AMAZING it's another of my absolute favorites! Although, I don't think it's by Jane Austen...:)

Mary, heck yeah!! Drag Justin there! You guys will LOVE it!!

Jessie! Yeah, the family all really enjoyed looking through it..unfortunately I wasn't there but I heard that everyone thought it was interesting to look through! :)

JessieH said...


Sorry you couldn't be there. I know you were shooting. Hope you get a chance to glance through it as well.


Dove Wedding Photography said...

I'm going this week to see it! I loooove Jane Austen!! I'm so glad to hear that its good. Hope you are well!

-Whitney Carlson

Justine Ungaro said...

I just saw this yesterday and totally loved it!

rowena said...

Waaaah! I don't see this at my local theatre. Hope I get to see it before it's gone. I'm a huge Austen fan, read all the books except Northanger Abbey which I will soon cuz my book club is reviewing it!

Albumesque said...

If you recommend this movie then I'm definitely going to see it:)

Miss you:)