Monday, August 06, 2007

Meghan & Andy!

Saturday was soooo much fun!! I shot Meghan and Andy's wedding out in River Forest, my most favorite town in Chicago! The ceremony was at the church Meghan grew up in so it was super special for her to get married there too! Meghan and Andy are so incredibly perfect for each other! Meghan the more talkative one, short and petite... and Andy, more quiet, but a big teddy bear, and much taller than Meghan which makes the match just so adorable! They were so much fun to shoot and up for anything even in the rain, which I was so proud of them for!! One of my favorite times during the day was when the girls were getting ready...they decided to turn on some music and much to my delight cranked up my cousins, Barlowgirl that they had found through me!! Too funny! It made my day! haha! Check out their slideshow!!

Thanks so much my amazing interns Beth and Steve(my friend Sarah Chellappa's brother) who made the night all the more fun!! At the end we were pretty tired from the amazing day and started to head out when a great song came on so Steve and I dared each other to get out and dance with everyone else!! We did and pulled Beth out on the floor too! I usually don't dance at the weddings I'm shooting at but Meghan and Andy were just so fun we couldn't resist!! And of course I left that night as every other successful wedding shouting I LOVE MY JOB!! haha! I love it!! :)


Emily DeWan Photography said...

That's awesome that you danced at the wedding! I did once about a year ago.... I should do it again!
Love the pool hall shots! So cool that you shot in there.

J@KE said...

You can't dance at a wedding and not have pictures..... Who would believe you? I'm trying hard to but it's not working..... Show me some evidence and I'll believe (call me a "doubting thomas" or whatever you want but I just can't believe it).

The couple looks so cute together.... It looks like they would be fun to shoot. :-P

Great shots!


nicole green said...

looks like such a fun couple. i love all the photos of the two of them .. especially the ones playing pool! :)

Jasmine said...

Soooo rockin'! I LOVE this set of images! :)

rowena said...

It looked like a very fun wedding! Yeah, want to see a picture of you dancing, c'mon I know one of your assistants got one! hee hee.