Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fact: I love Kristen

I just cannot explain how much I respect Kristen. She blows my mind away with her fabulousness. So, I am letting her "guest blog" for me today.

Hi world!

Sarah and I have been living like celebrities.

On Tuesday we worked out for 2 1/2 hours. I am training for a triathlon, so we biked for an hour.
Then, we went to the gym and worked with Sarah's personal trainer.
Sarah isn't sore at all, but I am dying!!!
My arms kill.
But, I guess she did a good job with us.... we have buff arms now
(no photoshopping at all. take that, world!):

Then we went to the totally awesome BarlowGirl home.
Dinner out, dessert in, movie and a sleepover.
Total glam.

Theeen, on Wednesday, Lauren and Sarah went in for some snazzy new hair-do's.
How stinkin' grand does Sarah look?

Basically a full-blown rockstar, at this point.

Love you Sarah!
ps. "He will have allergies. The flip-flops-with socks-look, oh, he invented that."


Courtney said...

awww! Sarah thanks for letting Kristen guest blog! It sounds and looks like you both are having such a blast!!! Nice arms ladies! See you soon Kristen, Can't wait to meet you Sarah!!

Sarah Barlow said...

HAHAHA!! Yeah...LOVE the introduction intro!! I could not have said it better;) LOL!!

BUT you can't forget..."of course albino children too!!"
That was the best part!

Sarah Barlow said...

CAN'T wait to meet you Courtney!! I've heard so much about you!!

I think Kristen has arm implants.

Jamie Delaine said...

Beautiful haircut girl. Wow on the workin' out. I just bought the Nike + Ipod Sport Kit today so hopefully I get the chance to take it out for a run tonight!

Lydia said...

Arm implants!! Hahah agreed!

So I think we need another 2 second phone conversation again, Sarah? ;) Thanks for taking care of Kristen and letting her take time her busy 5am day to update me.

Meh! Must meet you!

J@KE said...

Love the hair Sarah!!! You do look like a rockstar..... (As if you didn't before) Aren't you like one of those BarlowGirl chicks? Can I have you autograph??? Please??? I don't have any paper though so could you sign my forehead so I can show all my friends? LOL

Anyway looks like your having lots of fun and looking great (be careful with those arm exercises though.... you don't want to start looking like Arnold even if you might be able to strap a chair to your back and carry me around now that you've been working out ;-)

We need to talk about North&South :-P

Stacy Cross said...

Sarah, I LOVE your haircut! :) I'm always bummed because I have super curly hair and I sometimes wish I could do that super-straight blunt cut, but lo, I cannot. However, there are some fun things I can do with my wiley mane! :)

Mary Bess said...

omg...your hair looks AMAZING!!! LOOOOOVE it! you are SUCH a celebrity! girlie has got it goin on!


PS: I also LOVE your new pic. super cute!

rowena said...

LOVE that doo! What a fun idea a guest blogger. I just might have to borrow that. Play on!

Sarah Renée said...

Looks like you guys have been having too much fun! Get back to work!! Haha, juuuust kiddin! ;)

Anonymous said...

Watch Out Timmy! Your big sister's got some guns!

Katherine said...


Amy Martin said...

LOVE the hair!