Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The odd one out..basically just the

So I guess there is the big game going around on different photographers blogs where they say 8 things that people don't know about them and then they tag 8 other photographers that they want to do the same! Well I've now been tagged 4 times(by Jamie Delaine, Shyla, Rowena, and Emily DeWan) so I guess they really want me to do as in anything else in life I really don't like doing what everyone else is doing's my new and redone version of the game!! LOL!
8 annoying things that bloggers do...
1. Use waaay to many exclamation point!!!
2. Write how they talk rather than what looks best in print.
3. They do not know how to use periods and when they do it's always way too many.....
4. They laugh in text almost as much as in person.
5. They post multiple times during the week and feel like a complete failure if they don't post anything with 48 hours of the last post.
6. If there aren't 100,000 new comments from the newest post they don't feel necessarily loved.
7. They don't know how to use frilly descriptive words and always resort to "awesome" and "amazing".
8. They cave in under peer pressure sometimes...especially from other bloggers.

OK OK...a couple things you may not know about me(but you probably do if you read this blog at all) -
1. I ran the 2005 Chicago Marathon and finished in 5 hours and 25 minutes...pretty much the worst time in the world but I FINISHED!! :)

2. I love to dance! I'm actually pretty bad at it but I really love it and took ballet, tap, and Irish dance when I was little... Now my best friend is trying to get me into swing and I love hip hop(but am SOOOO white when it comes to that..)

3. I'm a big fan of the Disney Chanel especially Hannah Montana and High school Musical...Yeah I know how jealous you are that I can say that! ;) hehe!

4. I have never been able to decide what style I like - it's HIGHLY eclectic so I think I'm going to have to have about 5 different houses to accommodate each style! HAHA! Yikes!

5. I never went to regular school in my life and only went to a college class last year, which I taught....

6. I always told all of my friends when I was 12 that I was most definitely getting married at 18 and truly believed that I had that choice...well not so much! hehe!

7. I have never been on a date(by choice). No I'm not a nun!! lol!

8. I'm the great great great great niece of Chief Sitting Bull.

8.5 I was totally planning on being a nurse, gymnast, lawyer, accountant, actress, director, any kind of designer, architect... and of course an entrepreneur on the side during all of that too when I was little! Craziness! I'm so glad I somewhat narrowed it down..but not really! :)
Sooo... I guess I have to tag 8 other photographers?? Well...I have other friends too you know! I do have a life! ;) Let's spread this thing bigger!! :)
1. Sarah Chellappa 2. Samantha 3. Amy Nave 4. Kristen Leigh 5. Morgan Matters 6. Beth Lange 7. David Jay 8. KK 9. Andrew Barlow...Yep that's 9 people not 8...but it's all good:)


Natalie Joy said...

ugh! I dont know how im living out here without disney channel! haha I miss Hannah so much:P.....
you totally should have tagged dear natalie! one of the top ten things i guess could be that you NEVER post on it?!....oh wait..people already know that:)

Emily DeWan Photography said...

Hah! Love the annoying blogger list!!!!! ..........

Jamie Delaine said...

You ran the Chicago Marathon? Crazy, girl! That's awesome. Sorry: I do about 3 of the things on your annoying bloggers list. But that's ok, it's amazing and awesome. :)

Aurora said...

what editing program, pleeeaase?

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Dear Natalie now!! ;) Who says I never post??? hehe!

Jamie! Yeah I was THE coolest experience of my life...I'll probably do it again in like 10 years or so..but definitely not anytime soon! hehe!

Hey Aurora! I use photoshop cs2! It's wonderful!!

Samantha F. said...

WHAT?? Did you just tag me??? O_+

Do I even know eight people who blog?? Natalie, quick!! Make a blog!!

Katherine said...

OMG!!!! YOU TAGGED ME!! (look! Every time I use Exclamation marks!!! I!! Think!!! OF!! YOU!!!)...Ok...I will try to answer 8 things....I mean...8!!! THINGS!!!! (LOL!!)