Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life is a party.

I have ALWAYS loved parties, when I was little I would have a party every opportunity possible and pretty much planned every birthday party I had(up until the past couple years)...
This past week has been just perfect because we have just jumped from party to party and it's been wonderful! I believe that the more you have going on the more productive you are so as much as we played we got twice as much done too! It's been wonderful! After all the parties last week, Sunday we went to my friend Rochelle's baby shower(it is the craziest when your friend's start having's mind blowing!) which was so fun and I loved seeing her all pregs! (here is me trying to be just like her! hehe!)
Monday was a SOLID day of work then Tuesday Kristen and I had a bunch of my friends over for a girls night out party! It was such a blast and got to see some of my amazing friends that I haven't seen in literally forever! We went swimming, ate cheese and "wine"(sparkeling juice), salad(to save room for dessert), fondue, and gelato, and laughed non-stop the whole night! It was the best time ever! Getting to catch up with everyone was amazing because we've scattered so much and everyone is heading back to college so we had to do it before the summer was over! I know I've said it a billion times but I am really so blessed by my friends they are beyond
Kristen with her brand spanking new thrift store disposable's priceless!Then last night Kristen and I headed to an engagement shoot(which I'll post about tomorrow) and afterwards headed out to dinner with her friends, Mike and Peter, who just so happened to be in town from Maryland for the week! It was so much fun and it was like we were already old friends! We went to an incredible Sushi place called Sushi Wabi and got this crazy roll called the Godzilla was insane!!! Ok..back to work and our first of 3 shoots this weekend including 2 weddings!! I can rest when I die! LOL! I love you all!!


kristen leigh photography said...

tooo much fun.

J@KE said...

Rest when you're dead....... That's my line!!!!!

Looks like you are having just the right mix of business and pleasure so let me know when you are out of pleasure so we can watch North and South.....

Tell Kristen that I'm glad Nikonins and Canonites can be friends and she'll have to show me a thing or two on her baby when we get the chance.


Anonymous said...

Ooo...That food looks yummy, and that platter with olives/tomatoes etc has inspired me!

btw, this is e-kitty, but because of my new blog my name is "barlowgirl"
:? Sorry

Jamie Delaine said...

Sarah you are amazing. Seriously: I would be DEAD if I had your schedule. I crave rest sometimes but it's so fun to see everything that's going on all at once in your life and how you handle it all!

Natalie Joy said...

AHHH! Im missing soooo much! Everything looks like a blast! but its gorgeous out here and i love it! Miss everyone like crazzzy!!! I held a little 5 month old (from one of the families that you shot.) and it made me miss jules so much!
Hope everyone is doing good!
Dont have TOOOOO much fun without me, and Jake,you guys better NOT watch north and south without me!!!;)
love you guys!

Samantha F. said...

Am I the only one that feels exhausted after reading that list of partying??? >_<

Miss you Shmatalie!!

Samantha F. said...

Sarah, I LOVE your new profile picture! It's really cute!!

BethLaurren said...

Your energy is amazing :) See you in a few hours!

Sarah Barlow said... ARE the coolest you didn't have to state the obvious! ;) Yeah, it's been fun but I've sooo been NEEDING a good old BBC so whenever your free I'm free or will free up the schedule! :)

HAHA! Um..Barlowgirl? You keep catching me off guard! lol!

Jamie! haha!!'s definitely God's help cause I would most certainly be dead! hehe!

Miss you too Nat!!

Sofia said...

so much fun...I need some RandR

while the cats away the mice will your parents know you are having parties while they are gone?!? ;)