Saturday, August 11, 2007

How could life get better??

Something that I have come to realize is that nothing in this life matters more than relationships! I can have the best business and the coolest things but it still doesn't satisfy like relationships do! There's this thing called the 5 love languages and it's basically 5 different ways that you can show love to people but then you rate yourself on what you give and like to receive the most...well out of the 5 mine is quality time. I LOVE spending time with people! When I was little and doing school(I was home schooled) I had to be in the middle of everything so that I could get something done..if I was by myself I couldn't stand it! haha! Well this past couple days has really filled my love tank! We have had such a blast and there's still more to come in the next couple days! Here's a nice long fun post! haha!
My AMAZING intern Kristen Leigh came in on Thursday morning for the next month and she is just like another sister! She fits in so perfect it's awesome! I love her! I'll post more about her amazingness soon!
Once she got in we headed out to lunch with my longtime friend Jenny then went shopping(and sadly even picked out engagement rings that we want;) LOL!
When we got home our friends, Stephanie and Jackie, were there to hang out, we played some fun games then headed downtown Wheaton to the super mini popcorn store(it's the width of a door!) and looking at a sweet antique shop! It was a blast! Later that night we headed out with our friend's for Sarah Chellappa's going away sadness party(lol!) to see The Bourne Ultimatum(SOOO AMAZING!!!!!) then headed over to Sarah's house to hang out in the basement to which people were sitting around somewhat bored so I decided to entertain them with my lovely somewhat lost voice and a out of tune electric guitar! They LOVED it! ;)
Then yesterday Kristen, Sarah, and I headed out to Panera for one last goodbye meal before Sarah heads to college in Nashville! I'm sooo sad... and she's not going to be my studio manager anymore either because she's starting up her own biz! I'm sooo excited for her though! She has been amazing working here! I love her so much and will really miss her...but thankfully Nashville is my second home! To wind everything down last night Natalie, Kristen, and I headed to downtown Naperville to walk around the super romantic river walk and then lay in the grass on a hill and watch the sunset. We finished the night with Jamba Juice and a movie! Ahhh how could life get any better!


kristen leigh photography said...

it is too bad we were walking around the river ringless... :(

these two days have been amazing!

Natalie Joy said...

ditto ditto ditto Kristen:P SO MUCH FUN!!! Why cant every week be like this? lol

Aurora said...

hello! thanks for responding! i appreciate it much! i already had forgotten about this and right now i'm on this really cool site : and i post up my photography and it's pretty neat and right now i was looking through some and i remembered you and i thought i'd check out my comments to see if yeh responded and yeh did!

i have a really gi-normous question! you don't have to answer if you don't want to but whaat kind of editing program do you use? i need to upgrade my editing program AND camera, but i prefer to upgrade the editing prgram first to save up for a new camera until i can afford one =/

Jamie Delaine said...

Wow!! That's a jam-packed couple of days!

SamTheMan said...

What's up Ms. Sarah! This is soo cool. Guess what? I was in Naperville Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday. How could we be that close and miss one another. Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" and also give a special shout-out to my fellow Nikonian Kristen. Great to see her back in town. Peace out and be blessed!

Samantha F. said...

Hooo-boy, that sounds like a craazayzee day! Glad you're having such nice times with your friends! Gotta finish the summer out in style, right? =)

Oh, and folks, I have to say, Kristen is just as nice as she sounds!