Sunday, August 12, 2007

My car's daddy!

Well my beautiful car has finally found it's daddy! LOL! It is hilarious because my brother and sister are going to "real" school this year so my brother needed a car...well to follow in my steps he wanted a beamer so my dad crazily found the EXACT same one I have, same color, year, just a 7 series instead of a 5 series(it was the most amazing deal too!)! I'm so proud of my brother aiming high and as always trying to be bigger than me! lol! Now Natalie has to get the 3 series one and we'll be complete! haha!
In other news...I think I'm heading to bed like right's only 8 but I'm sooo tired we've had the most non-stop week and this coming week is even more non-stop we have a shoot everyday and it's going to be photography boot camp because Kristen is here so we'll be plowing through alot and waking up at 5:30 every morning so I'm excited but TIRED!!! :) I love you all!!


Samantha F. said...

Woohoo!! First one to comment! Oh yeah, who's the girl??

Ahem. Nuff of that silliness! Andrew's car is soooooper cool, but what I really love is how your family always put their faith out for NICE things. Very encouraging and you guys just stand out!!

By the way, I thought you'd like this quote Sarah. I have no idea who said it, but it's one that Jeremy has hanging with his things.

*I saw a man chasing the horizon. Round and round they sped. I accosted him. "It is futile," I said. "You can never-"
"YOU LIE!!" He said, and ran on.*

|| davidjay || said...

YEA! Natalie's gonna go for the BMW Roadster!

Natalie Joy said...

hahahahah wow. um I'm thinking more of the White Lexus SUV.....although...a three series MIGHT be nice??? I'll take one of those anyday!:)

mark said...

daddy? strange i thought they were both from the same year...

i don't really picture natalie in a older car, she seems like she'd go for a new sleek car.
i guess we'll find out.

by the way i've concluded that Kristen is way cooler than you because she has the same laptop as i do. :)

SamTheMan said...

Cool stuff, congrats big Andrew!

Deyl said...

I think DJ used to drive one of those!