Saturday, August 18, 2007

Batman engagement shoot!

Kristen and I shot a SUPER fun engagement session downtown Chicago a couple days ago for Erin and John! They are such a fun couple and I'm so excited to shoot their wedding in a couple weeks!! While we were downtown shooting some other people must have thought it was a great place to shoot too because we found out that they were filming Batman in the same place! Ahhh Christian Bale..:)
Anyways, it was fun just going new places and really getting to know Erin and John, and how incredibly sweet they are! It's wonderful too because they are part of this huge network of friends in south Chicago that I've shot tons of weddings for and tonight was another one! I love how small this world gets! Check out this slideshow to see how adorable Erin and John are!! :)

I'll post the slideshow from today's wedding tomorrow night after tomorrow's wedding!:)


abigail smith said...

Awesome shoot!!! Looks like you had a great time as usual.

Penny said...

Wow, these pictures are really unique and fun! Love, love them!

nelly said...

lovely photos! love the batman thing...

and the song!

"dancin' in the moonlight...!"

Ginger Murray said...

Diggin the new profile pic (such a great hat!).

Love Erin's freckles.

I think my favorite pic (it was hard to choose) was the one where she's sitting on his lap (right before the table shots where they're sharing the beverage). You really captured a cute moment there!!

Ginger Murray said...

(Pic #44... that's the one I'm speaking of!)

Sarah Barlow said...

Thank you, you all!! Yeah they were so much fun and so into each other so it was so easy to shoot!!

Sofia said...

I love that opening taxi shot and the bw bick wall shots and that first one on the couch in front of the big window and all the ones of just their legs and feet

you are awesome chica!

Tara Jones said...

rad slideshow! i just have one question for you: did you use showit web? and if so, what version are you using? i have it, but i'm not sure how to get it on to a dvd. thanks for the help!

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Tara! Yeah, I use Show it web 2.6 it's awesome!! You can't personally burn DVD's from it but can order it through showitDVD! It's pretty sweet!

Tara Jones said...

rad! thanks!

britt said... name's Brittany...I know Kristen...and I just wanted to tell you that you're now officially my favorite photographer.
-your use of color
-your skill at capturing emotion
-how you don't make them look awkward at all
-the way you incorporate fun into the pictures
-the clear focus you have in each picture
-your use of different settings that the average person wouldn't see and think, "oh, perfect place for a photoshoot!"
-um...I could probably tell you a good few more...your creativity in the choices of your shots...your boldness to shoot pics that other people might not think as conventional (which is so great. You're super unique)...and now I've written a book. :)

all that to say, as a photographer just starting out, I respect you tons and tons. Not only for your very artistic eye and professionalism and...funness... :) but also for your faithfulness to our Savior in your relationship with God (kristen's told me, and it shows through your posts) Aaaaand I want to be like you when I grow up. :)

--don't know if you have a thing is bhopek. ok, I'm done.