Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sweet 16?

Hey everyone!! Sorry I haven't posted in a couple days! We went on a little mini vacation up to Wisconsin that I'll post all about tomorrow:)
On Saturday night my sister Natalie had her birthday party! Even though her real birthday was more than a month ago...any birthdays around Christmas always kind of get lost so she decided to have her party now! It was so much fun! She had about 18 friends here so it was crazy! Natalie and I have been finding creative ways to work out the past couple weeks since I'm now back on my feet and one of the ways is dancing! We decided to learn the theme dance to "Highschool Musical" and it's SUCH an amazing workout plus it's fun! Anyways all her friends are obsessed with highschool musical so we all learned the dance together!! It was hilarious! Afterwards we were trying to come up with some other games to play so we taught the girls the "cup game" here is a video of both the dance and the cup game! So fun!!(I wasn't going to post the part with me dancing but Natalie almost slapped me because of it so...yeah..WE'RE defininately white and nerdy with NO rythm!!..LOL)
Here is the **slideshow** from the night!
PS...The reason the title is sweet 16 is I TOTALLY thought through the whole party that it was Natalie's 16th birthday!! I have no clue why..but then when I was talking about it everyone is like "NO it's her 15th!!" I refused telling them it was her 16th until Natalie told me it was her 15th also! What a great sister I am!! HAHA!


joy n. said...

better than guessing it was her 14th. natalie is pretty mature, it's an understandable mistake. plus, you have so many siblings.

hi sarah! i miss you and love you!

AMC said...


O I just remembered I forgot to get you a Hummingbird for you b-day LOL!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! LOL!!!!


LOL!!!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!!

Stephanie said...

Ahhhh the pics are awesome!! I had so much fun that night. We totally have to get together gurly!!!! Luv you!!

Samantha F. said...

I knew I should have crashed that party! Heheh!

Sarah Barlow said...

Very true Joy.. I guess as long as I'm within a couple years of their real age it's!
I miss and love you too!!

ANNA!! NOOOO as I told you already YOU are the amazingly awesome one! :) I love how you laugh so much when you are posting too;)hehe!

I love you so much to Stephanie! We should get together for a sleepover or something some Friday night! How fun would that be??

SAM!! You SHOULD'VE crashed it!! Man!! We missed you!

Natalie Joy said...

HAH! Anna! I'm soo getting you a "Hummingbird" for your bday next year!!!!!! lol!


Sam! You totally should've crashed it!!!! :(

Steph! Your amazing:)