Monday, January 01, 2007

SAPpy Party!!!

The Sarah Anne Photography(SAPpy) peeps: Andrew Barlow, Debbie Garon, Sarah Barlow, Natalie Barlow, Jake Preedin, Sarah Chellappa, Mark Collins. Whew!! This has been a whirlwind couple days!! I definitely have some blogging to catch up on cause so much has been going on!!
On Saturday night the whole Sarah Anne Photography group got together for a holiday party!! It was so much fun! We went to an Asian place called Big Bowl which has seriously amazing food and it's really hip! So fun! Everyone came dressed up so of course we had to get TONS of pictures!! I think we were totally annoying the people around us cause we all had cameras and did little photoshoots right there in the restaurant! LOL! But hey, you only live this life once! Mine as well enjoy it! haha! Here is the slideshow from the party!! Enjoy!!!
PS..the second picture is what we use to get that windblown effect for shoots instead of using fans;) LOL!
PSS...Also, here is a little video from that night:)


J@KE said...

I love it!!!! Great post!!!

J@KE out.

Taylor said...

do you have an "official" photography site? i'm taylor, one of kristen snyder's friends. don't know why that matters. just thought i'd throw that in : )

Debbie Garon said...

OMG! Sarah that slide show was AWESOME!! i was laughing so much i was snorting!! I had so much fun that night! Thank you so much for letting me be apart of the team! you def get the #1 boss award for 2006!! :) I love you!!!!

Ps. Can you send me some of those pics with me in it so i can have some up to date pics of myself! Thanks love!! talk to you soon!

Sarah Barlow said...

Taylor! Yeah, you can go to for my "real" website!! Thanks for checking it out:)

DEBBIE!!! Oh man! We for sure have to do that more often even just for the photoshoot time!! WAAYYY to much fun!! Plus everyone's hot enough...who needs real models?!! LOL!

Natalie Joy said...

I had a blast!!!
We so rock! lol
I loved how everyone thought we were celebs! lol