Friday, January 12, 2007

When it rains it floods!! I sit here trying to figure out what project to dive in first I realized that I haven't posted on my lovely blog in a couple days! :)
First, I had a seriously amazing retreat and I think I'm going to do that like every 3 or 4 months or so because it is really so important! I believe that the bigger that your influence and responsibility you have the more time you need to spend with the maker of all these things!! Cause he's the only one who can give me exactly what I'm supposed to do and then I can stay on track!! It's awesome!
Second, at the retreat I brought one crutch because I was still sort of needing it as I strengthened my muscles again but I didn't use it once!!! I'm so excited and we returned them yesterday!!! I'm finally completely done with that!!! Wow!! :)
Lastly, once I got back from the retreat I started putting my year together and realized that I am going to be traveling a ton in the next couple months so you can see all that in the "schedule" section of my website! One of the things we are doing this year is only shooting 20 weddings so that we can REALLY focus and give an awesome product to each individual client. Right now were filling up super fast and already have 10 booked and several more in the works so if your on the fence about booking now is your chance! :)
I love you all!! Have a wonderful day!
Ps. the last picture is a couple of us from church wearing these super sweet sunglasses some random person gave to us! LOL


Natalie Joy said...

DUDE! I look HOT! ;)

Samantha F. said...

Did you ask the models in the photo if you could post it? I'm guessing no....

And you wonder why I didn't want to wear 'em?? =P

Hee hee.....yall look cute!

J@KE said...

How fun!

I love fun shots that could be looked at as being stupid but are really ok because you're doing it with those you know and love.....

Glad to have you back.

J@KE out.

jamiepeter @ OSP said...

That sounds like so much fun. I'm so excited to see all of your 2007 wedding photos!


Sarah Barlow said...

Ohh!!! Sam!! I TOTALLY forgot the model release form!! MAN!! LOL!

Glad to be back Jake:) Yeah....doing dorky pics is the best cause only cool people can do them...;) HAHA!

Thanks so much Jamie! I'm super excited for this year too:)