Sunday, January 07, 2007

Joy and Eric!!

Hey everyone!!!
Well we just got back from the first wedding of the season!!! It was so much fun! I was really excited going into it because I've had a nice 2 month break to get all revved up for another season! Joy called me a couple months ago while I was down in Nashville to ask me about shooting her wedding and we totally hit it off great!! So I knew her wedding was going to be awesome to shoot! It was a very small intimate wedding with about 20 guests but it was perfect!

One of the reasons I really love my job is because it's all about family! Weddings are when the family all gets together even if they haven't seen each other in ages so it's awesome cause every wedding I go to I feel like just another part of the clan!! It so fun! I love you all!! Here is Joy and Eric's **slideshow**! PS...Just in case you couldn't tell they are ADORABLE!! :)


Stacy Cross said...

Beautiful shots, Sarah! You did a great job with lighting here and the couple IS adorable! :) +

D said...

Great pictures Sarah, but does the groom have family?

Debbie Garon said...

that couple was so good looking!! wow! great job with the pics as always

Sarah Barlow said...

Thank you so much Stacy!! We were trying some new lighting ideas so I'm glad it worked out!

D, thanks so much! Yeah, the groom has a family! I just don't include a lot of the formals in the slideshow:)

Thank you Debbie!! I MISS YOU!! :)