Thursday, January 25, 2007


I was just going to post this on my Dear Natalie blog but thought it was so important so I decided to post it here too!
So I just finished the book Captivating yesterday and it is seriously the best book I've ever read(besides the bible of course)!!! It took me about 6 months to read it cause when I read I like to really dissect the book so I get all that I can out of it, and plus I it was the busiest time of my life!! lol! Anyways, I highly highly recommend it to every woman!! It has totally changed my life! When I went on my little retreat a couple weeks ago this is what I read most of the time because it just really speaks to a woman's heart in a way that I have never seen another book do!
The 3 main things that the book talked about that a woman's heart longs for:
1. To be romanced
2. To to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure
3. To unveil beauty
The way it talks about doing this is unbelievably simple but so important!
One of the things is offering your true heart to people without fear of being rejected, it's risky but God did not give us these hearts to hide or bury but to come alive and to minister to others with them!
Another very important part that I read and God is really working in me right now is worshiping.
I have found that whenever I really like something I LOVE it and it becomes almost a god in my life! I remember I used to like a band when I was younger and it just became all that I would talk and think about! I was just sharing what I thought this fault was in my life with one of my friends yesterday and she said "THAT IS YOUR STRENGTH!!" I was taken back for a second cause I could not see how this could be a strength! But she went on to say when you turn that same attention to God that's when it is your strength! So my weakness then becomes perfected into my strength!
Lastly, in this book it talks about how a girls never ending question is: Am I lovely?
And it shows that we really try to get this question answered by everyone else but really the only one who can truly answer it is Jesus!
So yeah..Incredible book..drop everything you're doing right now and go out and buy it! The authors also have a book for guys called Wild at heart I haven't read it but heard it was excellent! I love you all!! Have an amazing day!


Shyla said...

Wild at Heart is just as amazing!! I read it in one night because I couldn't put it down. Then I read it again a few months later! It truly opened my eyes to understand guys and why they are the way that they are... How it all ties together with how God created them. I recommend it as much as Captivating!!

Sarah, I am reading another book by John Eldrege right now called "the Journey of Desire" and it is seriously amazing... you should read that next!!

Sarah Renée said...

AHH!!! Captivating is such an amazing book!! :-D

Natalie Joy said...

seriously the best book ever!

Captivating Studios said...

Don't you love it? Now you know why it inspired my business name. :-) THE most amazing book EVER. And yeah, Wild At Heart REALLY helped me to understand how the hearts of men are designed. Anything John Eldredge writes, and now his lovely wife too, is awesome. God truly gave them a gift of writing to express His heart through their words.