Thursday, January 04, 2007


Wow!!! What a year 2006 was!! It is amazing the things that happened that I had NO CLUE would at the beginning of the year!! It has seriously been one of the best years ever! I traveled to California a couple times, the Domincan Republic, Tennessee, Missouri and a couple other places that I can't even remember! lol! Shot 16 weddings(my goal was 20 but 16 was PERFECT!!! Seriously!)
So now for this next year since I have my photography business more under control and systems set up it's time for a new chapter!! yeah! I'm so excited to see what will unfold but I know God has awesome plans!! :)
I just realized before I started typing that I have been blogging now for over a year now and it has been seriously amazing! When I first started I had no clue what I was doing but after a while caught on and it has been such a blast!! I love it! :) I was looking back at the old posts and found **this** one! year from then..again it is Alyssa's birthday today except now she's 25! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lyssa!! Love you!! :)
And I love you all! You all are amazing!
Thanks for the 28,709 hits too!! WOW!


jamiepeter on OSP said...

Hi Sarah! I thought I'd let you know I've been lurking on your blog for the past few hiding.

Beautiful beautiful work and it inspires me! I'm an aspiring photog and just love to see your work :) So I'm trying to figure this BarlowGirl thing out. My guess, you are cousins with the girls?

:) Hope to talk to you soon.
God bless you,

Abby said...

sorry about the last post!! that was my old name LOL! totally embarrassing! all i wanted to say was that your blog was a total inspiration to me and i'm so glad you started a blog!! thanks again!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Jamie!! Thank you so much!! Thanks so much for posting! I love to see who's reading:)
Yeah, the Barlowgirls are my awesome cousins!!
I would love to see some of your pictures sometime!

Abby!! Haha! That's ok!:) I figured it was you. Thanks so much! I'm so glad that it has helped you and I'm so excited about what God has planned for your life!

Stacy Cross said...

Hey Sarah - sorry if this disappoints you, but at least 28,000 of those hits were from me. :) I'm a big fan. God bless you, girl!

Sarah Barlow said...

Stacy!! Haha!!! That's awesome!!! So glad you enjoy it!! :) Can't wait to meet you sometime!