Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yesterday, my mom woke me up asking me if I could babysit last minute for our friend Schlyce's baby Lily for a couple hours that morning. So Natalie and I went out to their house and ended up staying the whole day and just talking with Schlyce! It was sooo great! Schlyce has had a major part in my company and life the past couple years and it is so awesome how refreshed and revved up I get everytime I spend time with her! She is such a huge blessing! Anyways we babysat again this morning for Lily and she is just so adorable! You might remember her from a post a while ago... So I did a little photoshoot of her today since we haven't done one in a long time! Here is her **slideshow**


Casey said...

you don't know me at all. But girl, you bless my socks off the way that it's so obvious that you love being used to bless others with your gift! It convicts me to really use my gift more for my family (I'm the oldest of 9 :o) and to ask God to show me ways to bless others with photography! Thanks. ~a fan in Raleigh.
Casey Chappell

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Casey!
Thanks so much!! Wow! The oldest of nine! That's awesome! I'm the oldest of 7:) Isn't it so much fun?? I can't wait to see your pictures and what God does through you in photography! All he needs is a willing vessel to use and he can blow your socks of with what he can do through you! God bless!

Shyla said...

The first thing that came to mind was "cute as a bug in a rug" but then I realized...bugs arent cute!!! Whoever invented that saying had some serious issues!!

Sooooo.... she is adorable and I love ya!

Schlyce said...

Sarah - I can't tell you how much I appreciate these pics. You truly captured her spirit. You are so very gifted. In fact, I took a step back for moment and just went to your website to look at it as though I didn't know you and was just first introduced to your work. And I was truly amazed Sarah. The anointing is definately on your life and work. To see how far you've come in such a short time is truly a testimony to the power of the Kingdom, obedience and diligence!!! Keep up the awesome work and thanks again for the pics of Lily. They mean so much to us!!!

Love ya lots!!!


Sarah Barlow said...

Schlyce! Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you both love the pics! :)
Thanks so much for your encouragement and help throughout this whole time! It has meant the world! Seriously! Love ya!