Thursday, January 18, 2007

Geek party!

My friends, DJ, Kevin Swan and Nathan Holritz are full time photographers. Now when your a full time photographer, photography is your hobby but also your life! So you have to find ways to entertain yourself! Anyways they were at a big photography convention this past weekend. While they were there they figured out that this little remote control that comes with the Macbooks will control ALL of them! So they went around to the different booths and messed around with the computers!! SOOO hilarious!! I'm so thankful I have a PC! No hacking for me!! LOL!


becca said...

thats so funny sounds like some thing we would do. haha

Kevin Von Qualen said...

that was hilarious!!!

Kevinn Swan said...

Someone had to do it... Now that the cat's out of the bag, we have to come up with something even better for WPPI.

Can't do the same old tricks... :)

-- K

J@KE said...

PC's are for people who can't afford Mac's (which is I don't have a computer yet X-( ) and anyway don't you have a "pretend like your a Mac" thing on your PC (that just sad but it goes to show you that you wish you were a Mac user lol.)???

I don't mean to embarrass you....... Oh wait yes I do. lol. It's time to get a Mac my friend.

Talk to you soon.

J@KE out.

J@KE said...

Ok so I was kidding about the whole embarrass you thing but you know deep down in your heart that Macs ROCK!


J@KE out.

MomentsbyMichael said...

better cover the infrared sensor with some duct tape before the next presentation!