Sunday, January 21, 2007

I love Chicago!! :)

I'm so not into alot of sports unless it's Chicago and they are winning some championship!! lol! Like watching the last couple games of the cubs ABOUT to make it to the Championship(maybe next year). And the Sox winning the world series a couple years ago! Now it's the Bears turn!!! YEAH!!! I'm so excited!!! We just finished watching their game and they're going to the Superbowl baby!!! Definitely proud to live in Chicago now:) Even if it is terribly cold!! LOL!
Love you all!


Sarah Renée said...

Yeah! Go CHI~TOWN!! Haha, I called my parents today and they were like "So did you watch the game?? Bears are going to the SuperBowl!" In my head I was just like, uhhh actually, I didn't even know there was a game today... lol!

becca said...

good job sarah the die hard chi fan way to go. we are going to win the superbowl!

J@KE said...

You know it Becca!!!! Even though "they" think we're the underdogs....... We're totally gonna be doin' the Super Bowl Shuffle two weeks from now! Go Bears!

Sarah-ray, the only excuse you could possibly have is that you were doing homework in another state. lol.

Sappy, We need to do those pictures....... Soon! Oh yeah and nice post. Go Bears!!!! :-P

J@KE out.

Sarah Barlow said...

Haha!! Sarah that is hilarious!! Sounds like Nashville is rubbing your Chicago spirit off a little too much!! LOL!! jk;)

Jake!! LOL!! I want to see you do the WHOLE super bowl shuffle! That would be amazing! hehe!!
When are you coming over?? :)

J@KE said...

this week I hope! What day is best for you???


Jasmine said...

Sarah...don't hate me, but JD is making me cheer for the Colts ;)

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh!! Jasmine!! Come over to the good side!! You can do it!! hehe!!!

swan said...

Bears? Never heard of them... Of course, it's tough to see anything but BLUE here in Indianapolis... :)