Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mary and Tim - So cute!

Last night we shot an absolute gorgeous wedding for Mary and Tim!
My sister Natalie and I met with them several months ago to talk about their wedding and as soon as we sat down to talk it was like just talking with long time friends!
So when we got to the wedding it was no different which made for an awesome day! Mary planned everything so well and amazingly stayed super calm the whole time(which of course makes everything go sooo much smoother!) These two have such an adorable story of how they met! Basically they both went to highshool together and a dance together then 13 years later ended up dating and getting married!! How cute is that?? I chose "When did you fall" by Chris Rice for the slideshow song, even though I have used it for another slideshow, because Mary said it totally sums up their story together:) Here is the **slideshow**
I love you all!


J@KE said...

WOW! You are a master of excellent photog. Keep up the good work. ;-)

I sometimes wish I could be in two places at once but It looks like you did a fine job without me...... Like duh?!?

Anyway looks great and I'm sure you had fun shooting.

God Bless,

J@KE out.

Sarah Barlow said...

Thanks Jake!!
Yeah..this was a great wedding so sad you missed it...but definitely try to work on that being two places at once thing cause that would for sure come in handy! LOL!

Mary & Tim said...

Oh my gosh, Sarah, you are amazing! I can't even tell you how grateful we both are for you & your two assistant's. You sure do know how to capture a moment. Everyone at my wedding thinks you'll be famous one day!
We love you!
Love, Mary & Tim