Sunday, July 30, 2006


Today was the end of an extremely busy week and I really really enjoyed it! I booked 3 awesome weddings that I'm soooo looking forward to!! I also got together with tons of my friends which was so awesome! :)
Anyways, the other day when I was at the model shoot at my friends farm. There was this girl there who was engaged and is getting married next year. She was explaining to us that her name is Tara Huble, but when you pronounce that fast it sounds like terrible!! Well...the absolutely adorable thing is that her new last name is going to be Fick which will then make her Tara Fick(Terrific)!!!! I thought that was one of the most amazing stories ever!
Well, I hope that you all have an awesome week!!
Ps. The picture above is from a party that I was at this week with a couple of my old friends and some new ones!! It was a blast!!


OpenSourcePhoto said...

LOL - no way! Wow! That's awesome!

Shyla said...

Haha..Thats seriously awesome!! How perfect!

My initials are SAD so I always say when I get married I wont be sad anymore! :) (HOPEFULLY!)

kurt said...

that's funny!

I'm so pumped...I got signed up for Zacks's first Photography 101 class and the One Light Workshop Aug. 18&19!!!! I can't wait!

Jasmine said...

That is the best story...ever. So cute! BTW, rockin' job on the model photo shoot!!

Sarah Renée said...

So weird how that was with Tara's name! God and his sense of humor!! :-D