Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hola yo es en la Republica Dominicana!

Hey guys!!! I just arrived in the Dominican Republic!!! WHOA!!! CULTURE shock!! Hehe!!
On my way here I had a crash course in Spanish from the guy I was sitting next to on the plane!! Telling me how to say everything!!...including things that I don’t really want to say… LOL! It was seriously hilarious!
We drove up the mountain from the airport which took about 45 minutes and it wasn’t any big deal except for the time that we almost ran into some boulders because they don’t have detour signs…and also when some car blew a stop sign…hehe!! No big deal!!
We got to my aunt and uncles house which is at the top of the campus they run and it is huge!! It’s a nice big house that overlooks the town! It’s awesome! Can’t wait till the morning to see the real view! Well when my aunt was giving me the tour we walked into the bathroom and something crawled right in front of my feet…so of course I jumped and screamed!! Lol! It wasn’t anything really just a cockroach the size of a quarter! Hehe! Then we walked into my aunts room and they screamed…so I screamed not sure why I was screaming yet…but I look up on the wall and there’s a frog!!! Ahh!! At first we thought it was a harmless tree frog, but once my uncle was chasing it out we found out that it was a Sucky frog…you can’t look into its eyes otherwise it jumps on you and slimes all over you…!! Fun stuff!!!
On the way from the airport my aunt let me know the rules…
1. No flushing toilet paper! They just don’t do that in this country! No septic system to handle it!
2. Don’t drink the water. As my aunt said you’ll have more than Jesus living on the inside of you!
….just got back from attempting to go to the bathroom but decided otherwise because there is a nice big cockroach guarding the door....
This trip is going to be a BLAST!! And I actually am really excited about it!!! I’ll just be a little tougher when I get back!! HEHE!!
Can’t wait to post some pics and videos!! Once I get my internet to work I’ll get them up!! Yeah!!
Love you all!!!


Shyla said...

Hahaha! The sucky frog sounds awesome!!! I'd be the type of person whose curiosity got the best of her and try it out just to see if it really happened.... It'd be like an episode of Ghostbusters!

Have fun Sarah darling! Travel safe!

AMC said...


Natalie said...

haha!!! Thats hilarious!! OMG!! I thought aunt annie told us that sucky frogs were pretty rare and that if we came that we most likely wouldnt see any!!! lol maybe not!!

Have fun!
ps. where did you send my pics???

OpenSourcePhoto said...

LOL !!!

Post soon and maybe you can train the frog to eat the cockroach! You would be a national hero!


blank_paige said...

i hope you don't mind comments from random! i happened across your blog and found it interesting!
espeically what your aunt said will happen to you if you drink the water! that was great! lol...
but yeah...good luck with the whole cockroach summer dorm was temporarily infested by some last month. and they were seriously 2 inches long! not cool...
but i hope you have an awesome trip! take care and God bless!

Joshua Smith-Cinematographer said...

You are too funny!
You need to write a book!

J@KE said...

Boy. I thought you were tough already. I'm shaking at the thought of you getting even tougher........ *I'm picturing you looking like this.....* ( Oh! and with a chair straped to your back! LOL!!!


PS. have fun but don't forget to come back to us.

Kelli said...

YIKES! I love the Dominican Republic...that was the first place I went when I went out of the US. I hope you enjoy your trip. I know it's beautiful there! Good luck with the's such a beautiful language!! :)

I_want_my_destiny said...

hey Sarah,

ha ha!

you're plane ride and first night in the dominican republic sounds great! I would have liked to see the frog, but knowing me I would have stomped on the cockroach...insects have no hope around time...I saw a big hairy spider in my living room, so I attack it with the remote and accidently ordered a new channel at the same time lol

have fun!


Sarah Barlow said...

Wow! Shyla!! Um..I just don't know what to say to that! hehe!!!

DJ, hmmm..the from to eat the cockroach? I would be even more of a hero if I got the cockroach to eat the frog!! Ugh...LOL!

Hey Paige! I don't mind at all!:)
Glad you enjoyed it!! hehe! Oh man that stinks about all the cockroaches at your place! wow!

Haha!! Thanks Josh...I just take after my brother;) LOL!

Jake!! OMG!! That is Hilarious!!! Wow! Still working on that chair on the back thing..I think I'm almost there!! yeah!! hehe!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Kelli, Oh that's awesome! Yeah it is gorgeous here! far as the spanish goes..well let's just say...I could hardly say gracious!! hehe!!

Wow Ivery!! Yeah I needed you down here!! Although I've gotten a little better about the whole thing...I actually killed a spider with my hand!! yeah!! LOL!!