Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy belated 4th of July! hehe!

We had an awesome 4th of July! First we got to sleep in!! YEAH!!! I was so excited because I never get to sleep in and normally never can but I was so wiped out that I did! We headed over to the Glen Ellyn parade which has been a tradition for a long time and it always alot of fun! The biggest highlight of the parade is the Jesse White tumblers! They are seriously incredible! They do all the huge jumps and flips right on the street! It's awesome! After the parade we went over to our friend's the Bustins house. We had not been to their house in years! It was hilarious because my parents actually had my first birthday at their house and alot of the people that were at that party were at this one! It was crazy! We had such a blast! They just renovated their whole house and it's incredible the vision they have for this place! They want it to be like a retreat center for people coming through town. Everything in the house is so personal and they've even named every room!
After the party we headed over to our friends the Ludwicks to go watch the fireworks! It was an incredible show! The fireworks are crazy because they are synced with music! It's pretty cool!
Here's a little **slideshow** from the day!
Yesterday we moved my whole office area from my bedroom to the upstairs laundry room which wasn't being used...since we have two! lol! It is probably going to be one of the best things I've done for my business! Separate my personal life from my business!! YEAH!! :)


AMC said...

Nice Slidshow!!!!!!

Captivating Studios said...

Glad you had a good 4th Sarah! Your pictures were incredible! Cute office! It looks like my office. ha! I converted my upstairs loft to half my closet/half my office. Fashion helps to get my creative juices flowing. Maybe laundry will do the same for you! Enjoy your new space!! :-)

Shyla said...

When we buy our house in SB we will make sure to have TWO offices!!! ;)

Joshua Smith-Cinematographer said...


Katherine said...

WOW!!! IS THAT THE THIRD FLOOR ROOM? OMG! That is sooo awesome! I miss you btw!!! SAJE'!!!!

I_want_my_destiny said... won't believe fam was at the parade too and we didn't see eachother, plus Daniel was in the parade with the Karate school...they were right after the Jesse White

Sarah Barlow said...

Haha! Thanks guys!

Great idea Scarlett about fashion inspiring you!! LOL!

FOR SURE Shyla!!!! Although if I lived in SB my office would probably be Finestra!!!! hehe!

Thanks Josh!!:) Maybe we could have the workshop at my office??? HAHA!!

Haha! Yeah it is KK!! I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH TOO!!

NO WAY Ivery!! Oh man! I can't believe it! I so miss you!
Well I guess we'll have to get together sometime this summer...that is when we're BOTH not! :)

Joshua Smith-Cinematographer said...

Looking good!