Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunday 7-16-06

Hey lovely people!!!

Today was an awesome day as always! We went to church which was so cool! It was so different than any church that I had been to! Everyone is very involved and they all take turns singing, teaching, and praying! It was so incredible! I really enjoyed it! At the end the have everyone that is celebrating a birthday come up…so since my birthday was this past week I had to go up…and there goal is to embarrass you! It’s hilarious! You just have to say your name, the age that your turning, and a funny birthday story! My aunt told the funny story…lol… She told the story of when I was born she was the first person that I saw! My mom had a home birth and my aunt was watching it and as soon as my head popped out she screamed cause she wasn’t expecting it!! She was sooo scared for weeks that she had traumatized me and scarred me for life or something..LOL! After that the whole church prays for the birthday people which I thought was so neat!

This afternoon we were just going to chill but we looked outside and saw that it was great lighting for pictures so we headed down to the waterfall were a whole bunch of the kids were..we were going to do some shoots down there but it was soooo misty that my camera would have been soaked by then!! Lol! We grabbed one of the girls from yesterday that we hadn’t finished shooting and took her up to the campus to shoot! It was a lot of fun! Especially when she brought her horse out to shoot too!! Cowgirl in the Caribbean!! Perfect!! Hehe!

Here is the **slideshow** from yesterday when we went shopping! Craziness!!

I love you all!!


Ps.. Oh yeah for all of you who read my Dear Natalie blog, I’m so sorry I haven’t written for awhile! It takes some time to sit down and really think of what to write! I’m working on one tonight! So hopefully a new post will be up tomorrow!!


Debbie Garon said...

awww im so gald ur having a good time! i loved the slide show!!! And i cant wait for ur new post on Dear Natalie!! Have a blessed day! I love you!

Debbie Garon said...

glad** lol

Debbie Garon said...

hey i need some help figuring a few things out with my blog!!! so let me know when u have some time!!! thanks!

Natalie said...

those pics are incredible!!!!! your getting tanner!!!! I got a really niiiice tan yesterday cause i was out babysitting by the pool all day!!what a hard life!!! :)

J@KE said...

7-16-01 was my first day at Leafguard. Five years...... gosh I'm gettin' old. lol.

love the pics and I can't wait to hear all the stoies you aren't gonna be able to post!

I know you must love it there but seriously come back to us....... whenever you're done!


Sarah Barlow said...

Debbie, thanks so much!! The Dear Natalie post is up!:)

Natalie, is that moniter acting up?? hehe!! Tanner!?? LOL!

Wow Jake!! 5 years! That's amazing!! Yeah...I'll definitely have some stories!! lol!!
Fine!!! I'll come back! hehe!!