Thursday, July 13, 2006

1st full day!! Yeah!

Hey guys!!
I’m sitting in my bedroom at……I think it’s around 11pm…
We had a full day today of…. RESTING!! Hehe! I loved it! I slept in until about 10(Man…I’m getting good at this sleeping in thing!) lol! Then had breakfast, which was an experience in itself because I had cereal!! Yeah!...well it wasn’t the cereal that was the experience, it was the milk! Because everything is so humid and hot down here it’s just hard to buy good fresh milk that isn’t spoiled! So they buy milk that is “nuked” as my aunt says. I guess it can just sit on the shelves for years and not get bad! WOW! Yum!
Around lunch we headed down to the campus to meet everyone! And it was so great! Everyone was sooooo nice!! We’re doing all the senior girls shoots and they are seriously freaking out, there so excited! Hehe! Next week we are doing the guys because this week they are all up on a trip in the mountains…and my aunt said she is going to watch me veeerryy closely around the guys.....!! HAHA! …she said she’ll let me know which ones are OK;) LOL! My aunt’s the best! So don’t be surprised if I show up back home with a husband…JK!!
Later today we headed down to the town and boy was that interesting!! We went to a couple different stores and I wish that I could’ve just walked around with a paper bag on my head…..cause I guess I stand out a “little” bit with my red hair or something! I was laughing sooo hard! Oh man! “Guy just put the groceries in the bag! Do I have something in my teeth??” LOL!
We got back home and just crashed the rest of the day! It was awesome! And we’ll need it too…because tomorrow we are doing 5 of the 17 shoots!! Yeah!
Here’s the **slideshow** from today!!
I’m actually typing this…um I guess last night! Cause I’m posting this tomorrow afternoon since I don’t actually have internet access on my laptop…so yeah! I guess I’ll keep doing this until I get access!
I miss everyone! Love you all so much!!


Kevin Von Qualen said...

AWESOME shots!!

Tim Co. Photography said...

very cool shots...! post more!

AMC said...

Wow that's AWESOME!!!

Love the music that you have for the slidshow!!!

mark said...

haha, your future hubby has to meet your family before he could dare ask you, after all you don't really know a barlow till you've spent time with their family.
and i have to say i'm loving how we get to see pictures right away instead of having to wait till you get back.
from these shots it looks like you're going to have tons of fun shooting those portraits.

OpenSourcePhoto said...

ahhh yes...the sleeping thing takes practice!!! It seems other cultures are much better at it than us Americans! :D

...Glad I'm not the only one confused about the dude in the video! haha....but I guess every video should have cute girls and a buff dude!


Natalie said...

WOW! Those pics are amazing!! definatly awesome places for pics!!
hope your having fun!


ps. still waiting for my pics!! found great invitations!!:)

Pastor Joe Barlow said...

It looks like your combining your name with the word definitely. If you are then it would be definatalie.
Nice word huh? I like it. We should start using it. Start a trend.

Sarah Barlow said...

Thanks guys!!

Mark, my family is down here!!! LOL!!!

So DJ...are you from another culture? haha!!!!