Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Journal Entry :) 7-15-06

Today was such an awesome day!...but isn’t every day?? This morning my aunt wanted to take me to the town because Saturday is begger’s day there and everything is CRAZY! We first started at the supermarket to get breakfast, an ice cream bar and potato chips…believe me you would get this if you saw everything else there…lol!!!!

We just drove around town and people watched! Which is seriously so much fun! I had my camera out the window the whole time with my wide angle lens on just shooting constantly! So I have way to many pictures to edit but at least I took them! The driving down here really freaks me out, people don’t stop at stop signs and there is no such thing as a traffic light! My aunt just laughs so hard because I’m always like “OMG”!!!! Lol! I guess I just have to get used to it! …And I though Chicago traffic was bad!

This afternoon we finished the rest of the girls shoots! It was so much fun! The two girls that I did were great! One wants to go to into photography so we had a lot to talk about! And the other wants to be a pilot and fly over Antarctica! Wow! What an aspiration! The shoots went great! Even though it rained most of the time! Thank God for umbrellas!!!

Tonight we headed over to one of the staff members house for a party! It was great! And it was my second birthday party The people down here are seriously so nice and very genuine!

I have completely finished all the girls pictures and they are ready for Pictage! I had to edit each one down to 50 which was sooo hard but we did it!! Yeah!

I’m really loving it down here!!

Love you all!

Ps..I'm actually posting this today...Sunday, cause we lost internet connection right when I was about to post last night. I'll get a slideshow up from yesterday hopefully tonight:)


AMC said...

That's AWESOME!!!

Andrew Barlow said...

Sounds awesome!!!! cant wait to see some shots!!!