Friday, July 21, 2006

Back in Action!!!!

Hey guys!!
I made it back safe. It was such an amazing trip and I can't wait to go back, but I'm really excited to be back home too!
I'll hopefully get a little video from the whole trip up in the next couple days...I left my power cord in my aunt's suitcase so I can't turn on my laptop until I'll get one up once I get that:)
Above is a picture of the whole group that I was with down there!! They are awesome! :)
I have so many projects to finish up this week I think I need like 10 employees!! hehe!!
On Wednesday my friend Debbie came to church and we just hung out afterwards it was so much fun! We have been friends since we were born!! It's so awesome! Debbie just started an incredible **blog** check it out! I have really been encouraged by it!


Debbie Garon said...

awwww!!!! I had fun wednesday night too!!! I'm looking forward to hanging out with you again 2morrow!!!!

Daniel J. Watkins Photography said...

Welcome back home! :)

J@KE said...

Even though I said this already...... Welcome home.

And Debbie...... you keep rockin' girl!


Debbie Garon said...

Thanks Jake!

Sarah Renée said...

YEAH! Welcome home, Sarah! It was so great seeing you again today!