Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sweet home Chicago!

Yeah!! My friend Sarah and I are at the mac store right now getting out of the heat of downtown Chicago!! It is soo awesome down here and I always LOVE coming!! I could so live down here...or at least have a house down here for the weekends or something!! What do we do when we come down here?? Shop?? Yeah right!! LOL! We're on the computer! What is this generation coming to??
We're down here to celebrate Sarah's birthday/graduation/anything else incredibly awesome that she's doing!!
We both left our cameras at home...so we got excited since there's PHOTOBOOTH(the most addicting program ever!) here!! Yeah!!


J@KE said...

Don't you have to have a camera on your computer for that.

I didn't know you had one???
Picture is great and it sounds like you had fun.


Sarah Renée said...

YEAH! I finally posted a new one!