Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Oli!!

Wow! I can’t believe that it’s been 3 years since my mom had my sister Olivia! We thought my parents were done at five…but!! Hehe!! Along came the announcement of Olivia! After my parents hadn’t had any kids for 5 years it was a huge surprise and I have no clue what life would be like now without her!! She is such a huge blessing to everyone around her and just pours out love!!...oh and can’t forget that she is just soooo stinkin cute too!! Hehe!!

Love you Oli!!

(Thanks to KK for this incredible picture!!!)

Today was a great productive day! I layed around all morning made slideshows for all the photoshoots that I’ve done so far down here! Whew!! Took a lot of time but thank GOD for Showit Web! This afternoon we started all the guys shoots. We did three guys today and it was a blast!! We had so much fun! It was hilarious because all the guys just got back from climbing up a mountain for 5 days so one of the guys was on crutches because he fell off part of a cliff and another guy had a big gash across his face..but they were cool and were awesome sports about the whole thing! This was the first time that I’ve done seniors shoots for guys…I’ve really only done it for a couple of my girl this was new for me..but I think I’ll do it more often now;) hehe!!

Here are some shots that we got at the end of the shoot! I had them do some jumping shots and the guy, Brian, who hurt his foot wanted to do a jumping shot too so he did it on crutches!!! Haha!!! It was awesome!!

Well off to editing… Love you all so much!!!! I’m REALLY loving it down here and the people that I’m meeting but I miss you all so much too so that is why I’ll come home….soon ;)


Natalie said...

sarah i dont see any pics!!

Sarah Barlow said...


Andrew Barlow said...

Sweet stuff Sar!!!!

Joshua Smith-Cinematographer said...

Hey those look awesome!

c r y s t a l said...

Those are great, girl! The crutches one is sooo much fun!!!

J@KE said...

I bet the guy on the crutches isn't agreeing so much with you Crystal but it's still a very cool shot. So is the one of the guy jumping...... Great lighting!!!

Keep on rockin' (like I really need to tell you that)


J@KE said...

I forgot to say Happy Birthday Oli!

SamTheMan said...

Hi Sarah,

These are really cool shoots, great work!