Friday, July 14, 2006

Journal Entry – Day 2

Whew!!! What a day!

I woke up this morning…unfortunately breaking my sleeping in 6am!! I set my alarm but I think I slept through it I was so tired! The reason we had to get up so early was because we had to do a…..PHOTOSHOOT!!! Yeah!! My aunt went down and picked two of the girls up at 6:30 and brought them up to the house to get ready! We started with the easiest ones first(they didn’t have to straighten their hair…LOL)

I was still asleep for the whole first shoot so I’m actually not sure how I got any pictures…but I think we might have been able to salvage a couple;) LOL! The girls were so sweet and I love getting to know each of them and their personalities! It’s so much fun!

We shot around and found some incredible places to shoot including the town! Which-side note- BTW remind me next time I come to the DR to NOT have red hair or WHITE skin….these men are CRAZY!!! Wow! ...I guess the whiter your skin the more prominent or rich they think you are....soo I guess I'm VERY prominent...LOL!

After the first shoot we decided to head back to the house and we were just going to do the next shoot at 5pm! Then it started getting overcast so we grabbed 3 more girls and did a photoshoot with them! They were HILARIOUS!! Oh man! I didn’t have to tell them hardly anything! They had the poses down! It was great!

After that shoot we had lunch which was soooo good and super healthy too because it was just fruits and vegetables! Hmm!

After lunch we had tons of energy so we were like “Let’s just grab two more girls now and then 3 more tonight and finish all the shoots today!!” Right after we decided that it started pouring rain…sooo we went up to the house and SLEPT!!

Tonight we did 3 more shoots which means we only have 3 more of the girls in the next 2 days! Yeah! I’m so excited! This was a super awesome day and I’m staying up for the next 7 minutes until I turn…..yeah…I’m not saying how old I’m turning….that’s for me to know and you all to figure out …..wellllll I’ll give you all a hint because I like you so much…it’s between 1-100....and somewhere around 19!!! Yeah!

I hope you all are having an awesome night sleep as I’m posting this…because I don’t know if I will…because there’s a home birth happening here right now!!! Sooo exciting!! No…It’s not my aunt …or me…or my cousins…or even my uncle!!(whoa..I need to go to sleep…) it’s their adorable dog Maggie who just went into labor!! Can’t wait!!

…oh yeah..sorry I can’t post any of the pictures from the shoots today until I get release forms…that’s how they do it down here!! Can’t wait to show you all!!

LOVE YOU!!! - Sar


Shyla said...

White = rich?? haha... I'm so white that I glow in the dark, maybe they'd treat me like a millionaire...
I'm packin' my bags, I'll be right down ;)

Love ya girl!

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Sounds so exciting!!! Love to hear all about your adventures. Have a great super fantastic HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sarah Barlow!!!!

Lindsay Scranton said...

Hey Sarah,

Andrew told me you were in the DR and he kept asking me if I'd read your blog yet, so I had to read it. It sounds like you're having a lovely time. Happy 19th Birthday! Great pictures, too.

I_want_my_destiny said...

hey Miss Sarah...

Happy Birthday! Have fun and just think those men may think you're rich, but I wouldn't deny are rich! Amen

Natalie said...


man, i wish i could've had my photoshoot in that type of town..but i guess wheaton is a little

cant wait till you get back! its too quiet around here...

Pastor Joe Barlow said...


Happy Birthday! I remember the big day, or night, it was 2:21AM or something like that and your Aunt Annie was there for the big event.

Love ya

Sarah Barlow said...

Shyla!! You too! Who needs flashlights when we're around?? I'll be watching for ya!!;) hehe!

Jessica! Yeah it's sooo exciting! Thanks so much!!

Lindsay! Thanks so much! Tell Andrew I said hi!! hehe!

Hey Ivery! Amen!! hehe!:) Thank you!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Dad and Natalie!! Thank you!!
I miss you both so much...and everyone else! Give Oli and Jules a kiss for me!:)
Natalie...It's quite there?? How is THAT possible??? hehe!
Dad!! Yeah..for church on Sunday everyone who had a birthday during the week has to stand up and everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to them and then they have to tell a funny story about themselves..well Aunt Annie is going to tell the story about when she was watching me being born!!!!! HAHAH!!! Yikes! lol!

Natalie said...

omg sarah!!!
thats crazy!!
yeah when dad was posting that i was like "WOAH!!!! WOW!!!" lol
yeah actually it is quiet without you and andrew...we want to call you but ask aunt annie how thats possible...

Sarah Barlow said...

I can call you...Aunt Annie said it's a ton cheaper that just let me know when I should call:)

Natalie said...

ill let you know...probably tonight..cause then dad will be home..prob around 6 or so our time:)
i need to let stepahnie know about the dont have anything on your let me know! id like to call her today!:)

Natalie said...

SARAH!! call us at Praise either on Dads cell or at the church at 6:45 our time 7:45 your time :) hopefully you'll get thisin time:)!!!