Friday, June 30, 2006

Very sad.

I love Rhapsody!! If you don't have it and are on a pc..go online and get it! It rocks!! Seriously! I just pay like 10 bucks a month and I can listen to whatever I want! It's so cool!..Anyways...
I decided a couple days ago that I was going to broaden my music horizon a little I downloaded all of Superchick's cd's! They are incredible! I used to listen to them awhile ago when they came out with the song about my cousins...but haven't really listened to them much since..Well now they're like one of my favorite bands again! Yeah!
Check out this incredibly(and painfully..) true song!! Wow!! hehe!

I can use Showit for ANYTHING!! lol!


Natalie said...

whats soo very sad about this????


Wow! you must be bored!:)

Sarah Barlow said...

Cause it's so true!!!
WHAT!! Bored?? Yeah right!...I just love that song!! hehe!

Shyla said...
So Sarah, I wonder what his name is... ;)

-sneaky sneaky

J@KE said...

Shy: That's funny! :-)

I've always loved superchick because of "that" truth. They've always put truth in a "truth for dummies" format. Plus they just ROCK!!!!!

And they let cameras into their shows. YESSSS!

Great post!


PS. see ya tomorrow!

Sarah Barlow said...

OH!! Sooo sneaky sneaky, you're so sneaky that you found out what his name is?? hehe!!! LOL

Sarah Barlow said...

So true Jake! Can't wait till tomorrow!:) It'll be a blast! And no breaking down this time! hehe!

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Lindsay Scranton said...

Oh...ha. Funny song. I was expecting "Beauty From Pain" honestly. However, that is so true. So many girls are like that.