Thursday, June 01, 2006

I lost 100 lbs!

...well almost!
Today I had our organizer friend Dannah come again!! It was incredible how much we got done!! Now alllll of my stuff is organized! It's amazing! I had 7 boxes under my bed that I just shoved under there when we moved and she helped me get it down to two!! We threw 3 huge trash bags full of stuff out and one huge box of stuff to give away!! It was amazing! I also had a memory box that was almost overflowing and we went through that...threw out some organized everything into two big books! If any of you need a reallllly good organizer check her out! Royal Treatment Services. She is booked WAY far in advance so get her while you can:)
Unfortunately I didn't do any before and after pics this time....
but you really wouldn't have wanted to see under my bed in the first place..LOL!!
I got sad when she left because we were totally done...there was nothing more for her to do!! lol!
This could seriously get addicting!! Throwing things was so much fun!! You should try it!!


J@KE said...

I love throwing things away....... congratulations.

OpenSourcePhoto said...

I'm totally flying her out - I need this!

oh yea...let's chat later tonight about your ideas! U rock!

Candice Haase said...

OH I need to send her to my mother who thinks she is super organized but really has too much for her space. She would so freak out if some one tried to help her organize!