Monday, June 05, 2006

Quiet before the storm...

...well that's what they always say!! LOL! And that is just what happened!! This has been a crazy busy weekend but so much fun at the same time! On Saturday I shot a wedding with Ryan Johnson of Rion Photography! It was so much fun! We shot at the Sofitel in downtown Chicago(which is super cool BTW!), for a Jewish wedding! This was the first Jewish wedding that I did and it was really great! They sure know how to party!!
I'll post some pics from that really soon:)
Yesterday was such a blast!!! Two of my really good friends Angela and Sarah both were having graduation parties!! I headed over to Angela's right after church and hung out there for awhile! This is such a crazy busy week for her family because her graduation is this week and her sister's wedding, which I'm shooting, is next weekend!!
After that party, my friend Rebecca and I headed over to the Morton Aboretum to do an engagement session for Alicia and Michael(I'll post they're pics hopefully tomorrow!).
We shot for about an hour then headed to my friend Sarah's graduation party!! It was so much fun! We were just sitting around talking and I realized that I had my camera gear in my trunk so I ran out to get it and we did little photoshoots!!Above: Jen Chellappa and her sister Sarah, my lightstand! LOL!! Below: Sarah Maxwell and her fiance Chris!! Wow!! All my friends are beating me!! hehe!!
It was hilarious but so much fun too!! Here is a little **slideshow**
Last night was so much fun because we all hadn't seen each other in so long and were just reminiscing alot and laughing a ton!! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life! When I got home I was so dead and couldn't laugh ANYMORE!!! LOL!! It was sooo awesome!!
PS. The top picture is of Me, Sarah Maxwell(we used to be like twins and one of the graduates), Andy Blaski(the ONLY boy in our class when we were younger! Poor kid!! lol!), Angela Sorensen(the only girl that didn't have the name Sarah! Hehe!! And the other graduate!), and Sarah Chellappa(my studio manager!!!!)


John the Baptist said...

gnarly post dude! lol
I havent seen those people in a long time!!! Wish I could've gone!:(



J@KE said...

How do you do it????? You are all go and absolutely no stop!!!! LOL!! I'd probably die at your pace ~:-/
I wish I could be in about four places at once...... I'd have to; to live your life. haha.

Love the Pics.