Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I LOVE engagement shoots!!

So as I promised here is the **slideshow** from the engagement shoot that I did on Sunday!
Alicia and Michael were so cute together and very funny!!! Alicia works at the AWESOME Trader Joe's and my mom just so happened to be in her line, found out that she was getting married and gave her my card! What do ya know!? :) These two were great!!
Ps. On the slideshow it says Alicia and Tim but it's actually Alicia and Michael!! Oops!! Michael's last name is Timm:)


J@KE said...

Awe...... there sooooo cute!

Tim Co. Photography said...

aweomse job sarah, love the one of the blade of grass in focus them out of focus and the one that you have a pic of on the blog.

Bummer we couldn't get together when I was in IL. I flew back monday and o'hare was crazy again lol, missed like 4 flights almost had to call to check into hotel barlow LOL. Luckily I got on the last flight but I missed my pug meeting..poo..

Andrew Barlow said...

Sweet Stuff!!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh Tim!!! Man!! Big Time bummer that you couldn't stay at the Barlow hotel!!!
You were in Chicago and you didn't even call???? What's with that?? HEHE!!! jk!
I need to check your schedule so I can book your tour as I heard it's filling up quick!;)

Daniel said...

Beautiful work, Sarah. I bet the couple was very happy with your work.