Saturday, June 03, 2006

"Only boring people get bored"

This is what my dad would always tell me when I was younger and didn't know what to do...
Well yesterday for the first time in YEARS I seriously got bored!! LOL! It was crazy!! My whole family was out for the rest of the day, and since I'm never used to a quiet house and no one around I didn't know what to do with myself!! hehe!
I decided to have some prayer time which then lasted 2 hours! lol! After that I ran some errands and went out to dinner by myself(which is the WEIRDEST thing to do!).
I got home and it was around 8, I don't do work after 5:30 so that was out of the question, so I decided to read Better Homes and Gardens...and barely got past the first page! Finally around 9 the doorbell rang and my friends had all stopped by to see what I was doing:) Whew!! We decided to go downtown Wheaton because there is a festival going on! It was a blast! We went vintage store shopping(I had never been to a vintage store but it was super cool!) and I got two purses from like the 60's or something!! It's awesome!! After that we headed over to Gino's East because my friend was was taking a while for the pizza and we were already giddy so we decided to start dancing while we were waiting!! Fun times!! LOL!!
Today I'm second shooting a huge wedding in downtown Chicago so that will be sweet!!
I hope you all have an awesome day!!


Bethy said...

Ooo- love the purses!!

Tim Co. Photography said...

yumm sounds kinda hungry right now...!

Missed ya today, kept thinkin' ya would have loved it :-). I'll be around though and back in St. Louis week after next for yet another Nelson/Tim Co. team-up.

Ana Gabriela said...


Sarah Barlow said...

Awesome shots Tim!!!
Man!!! So sad I had to miss it!!!:(
For sure next time!!!