Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gorgeous Wedding!!

Here is the slideshow from the wedding that I second shot the other day at the Sofitel!
**Click Here** for the Cass wedding!! Everything was soooo perfectly planned out it was incredible!


Anna said...

The Pictures look AWESOME!!!

mark said...

very cool pictures sarah!
but um your slideshow looks like it's on fast forward. had to go to gallery view to actually look at the pictures.
try counting to 4 between each picture when recording the timing.

kurt said...

i've seen that flash player you use on other sites as well...can you tell me more about it? Where did you get it?

Your photos are beautiful!

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Kurt!!
Thanks so much:)
The app is called Showit Web.
It is soooo amazing!!
You can get it at
Check it out!

I_want_my_destiny said...

hey Sarah....looks good

kurt said...

thanks, Sarah. I checked it out. It looks very nice. I have a free app I use called Simpleviwer. Here is an example of an album I created using it: Album These pics are from my brother in law's western themed wedding shower. They are completely unedited. I would also love your opinion on my photo skills (or lack there of)! I bought the Rebel xt a couple of months ago. I am a photography lover, and I am trying to learn everything I can. You can be honest...I haven't had any training other than a DVD I bought, and I just shoot what I think might make an interesting photo. Since you just graduated high school, how did you learn everything you know? You obviously haven't been to college yet!?

And holy cow! I just saw your website! looks like you really have it going on!