Sunday, June 11, 2006

"The most gorgeous bride that I've seen.....lately""

LOL!....I love this quote from one of the groomsmens toast!! It was true! She was just glowing the whole day! Yesterday, I shot my friend Sarah's wedding! It's was so awesome!!! I think Sarah is the first of my friends(more in my age group) to get married!! Wow!!
Sarah and Jackson are sooooo cute together! The perfect thing is that they are the same height!!(I won't say anything more about!)
I love shooting friends wedding because I get to do what I love, spend time with people I love, and be a guest too..(which means I get to dance!! Oh yeah!!)
Last night we stayed soooo late just dancing the night away with all our great friends! It was a blast!! Here is the **slideshow** that we showed at the reception!


Natalie said...

OMG!! That was an amazing wedding!! Even though we only made it to the reception.. thanks to the person who told us the wrong time of the wedding!!! ahem!! lol
I loved dancin the night away!!:) lol

Sarah Barlow said...

I was just on Mountain time.
...I MUST have been asleep when you asked!! lol!

Sarah Barlow said...

um...more like Eastern..I think...LOL

I_want_my_destiny said...

very old is your friend? I went to a wedding about a week ago and the bride was 21....and I'm's jest very interesting to me...