Friday, February 22, 2008

Saying NO!!

Wow...what a week!! I feel like the whole wedding season kicked in and it hasn't even started!
The past month or two I have been realizing more and more the power of the word NO!
Sometimes I can be a real people pleaser and always try to do everything to win people's approval! So I run from one end of the earth to the other! Don't get me wrong...I'm HIGHLY addicted to traveling and visiting with people all the time..but if that is all I do it becomes the "good" rather than the "BEST"!

I know what I'm called to so that has really helped me lately to look over everything and prioritize what I need to say yes to and what to say no to... but it's still SO easy to get caught in the trap of wanting to look busy all the time! If we are always BUSY when are we ever going to get a chance to breathe and really see if what we are doing is making any difference or if we are just running around in circles?? I actually cancelled 3 trips this spring because of this! I looked over it and thought...what is the purpose of this or is it just a distraction? I was able to free up a month and a half of time that I've now been able to get SOOO much done and make real progress in where I'm headed! Even this week I had everyday booked but I consolidated and cleared space and time so that I can breathe! What can you cancel, consolidate or just plain say NO to right now so that you can have TIME to do the BEST things??
I hope you all are doing amazing!
I love you guys so much!


abigail smith said...

Thank you for posting this Sarah. It's very helpful to realize what we're doing that is just "good" and what we could be doing that's the "best". Love you!

jamiedelaine said...

Am I allowed to say "No" to the Law 12 report I'm working on right now?

Haha. :) Good post Sarah, and an important Reminder.

Endearing Studios said...

Thanks!!!! I needed that more then you know =)

Cait said...

Good timing! Thanks for posting this... it's nice to ehar I am not the only one!


Sarah Renée said...

so true, so true. :)

J@KE said...

good words... Thanks.

Karen Mikols said...

BUT ..... if you find an easy way to say no to MYSELF, let me know! I can say NO to others, but not to myself. EEK!