Monday, February 25, 2008

Bowling is not good for my pride.

This weekend has been so fun but insane! I'm definitely still working on the NO thing like in the last post...hehe!! :)
Yesterday was a trip! I took my friend Jenny bowling for her FIRST TIME EVER! I couldn't believe it when she told me that she had never played before! How can you even be American without doing that sometime in you life?? lol! So I decided to help her out in this little predicament and take her! Well...we get there and I was absolutely so exhausted that I couldn't even think straight so it took me about 5 minutes to explain to the guy working there that we each wanted 1 game and a pair of shoes...I know that seems pretty simple but for some reason none of it was coming out right!! And then I was laughing so hard that he totally couldn't understand me at this definitely started off on a great foot..;) Jenny and I go and start playing and she totally beats me! And I wasn't playing easy...ugh!!! I thought that she just had beginner's luck or something...but when we played another game she just beat me even more(although that time I let her because I was trying to figure out how many different ways I could roll the ball including kicking it...)!! lol! Twas quite fun...but definitely horrible for any pride that I ever had! ha!
Last night was awesome too because my brother, sister and I all met my hilarious friend Regis, who lives in California but was flying through Chicago, for dinner! He is one of the funniest people ever so it was so fun to hang out for a little bit!
I totally was camera less that is a picture of Regis and I from Partnercon almost 2 years ago..but it's still funny!


Shyla said...

Regis is my hero... I miss him.

lucky bum.

Anonymous said...


I love bowling! That is so funny that your friend beat you, being her first time!! But I'm sure you're absolutely amazing at it. ;)

Emma Jean

Samantha F. said...

Did you know that the Barlow Girls are on one Downhere's podcasts? HILARIOUSNESS!!

Ahh Sarah!! I have the same problem with turning people down!! (Only for me, it's my family.) So I came up with an idea! If you want, I can say "No!" to all your clients and friends for you, and you can say, "No!" to my sisters for me!! Good idea, yes? I'm just so bright. ^_^ Hee hee.

I had SO much fun at lunch!! Next time, let's plan on nap time too, eh?

(Psst! Perhaps Jenny is actually a bowling shark! Maybe she's like a pro and she totally took you for a ride! I'd believe it!)

J@KE said...

so thursday ??? is that good? I like it.... let's do it and I'll bring the movie since I just bought them... :-)

talk to me..... please don't be mad.... You aren't are you???? I hope not anyway I'll see you thursday at???? 6ish??? let me know



PS I just thought of something that you might like to know.... loving someone or something means you sometimes have to say no.... It's just for the best (for them and you). :-) You totally know this but support is what I was going for... bye

Regis said...

It was great to hang out with the Barlow gang. I wish my stop over was longer.

Get this! On my return trip, my flight to Chicago was two hours late so I missed my connection flight back to Cali. The next available flight was not until the next morning at 6:50am. So I ended up spending the night in Chicago.

I almost called you to do a Starbucks run but I was afraid it was too late and you needed your beauty sleep :)