Monday, February 11, 2008

Cabin Fever

Being the age that I am and the fact that I'm in business makes it slightly interesting in the social area....I was thinking the other day when I needed some time with friends..."most of my friends live out of state!!" whether being in college or just business, it definitely gives me a WONDERFUL reason to travel but also when I get back it's HARD work getting together with a lot of people! I think this is a definite special season of God wanting me to really draw closer to Him so that he really is my bestest friend! It's been incredible how much nearer He seems! I absolutely LOVE it and wouldn't trade it for the world!
I definitely take advantage of any time that I have with my friends though!! Which is wonderful to get me out of the work mode too! lol! :) I was able to get together with my two best friends....finally!! :)
Last night my friend Joy and I went out for cheesecake to catch up with life and plan a trip to Europe! I try to get every minute I can in with her as she lives in Michigan....:)

And then today I took my friend Rebecca out for breakfast for her birthday at a adorable new organic restaurant called Honey and then shopping! It was perfect...and to end it we got a cupcake from Honey that was like licking a very sweet cloud!
I think I'm going to have to go back there at least once a week! :) hehe! ok....time to babysit....I thought I'd just catch you all up on some of my personal life! LOL!
I love you all so much!!


Gloria said...

yeah we all just need sometime to catch up with friends...
I like the pics

Jeanine said...

If you really travel to Europe you have to come and visit me in Switzerland! Would love to meet you in person. Greetings from Bern

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Jeanine!
Switzerland is one of the places we are going!! We totally should meet up!!

Corneli said...

If your planning on visiting Amsterdam you can surely stay at me and my husbands house in the Netherlands! Your more than welcome!

(I am serious! just email me)



Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

You make a very important statement. He (God) is the only one that will ALWAYS be there for you. Its important especially for us young people to make him our friend. Friends talk often, hang out and share everything. He does desire to be as close to you as possible.

Thank you for always publicly keeping your priorities in check. I wish I could have talked with you more the last time we met. You inspire me in both my passions, Him & photography.