Sunday, February 03, 2008

No longer in the shadows!

WOW WOW I only watch one football game a year and that of course is the Superbowl! I always get pretty pumped about it! Last year especially because Chicago was in it...but unfortunately was defeated:(
This year though...I started watching having NO clue who I was cheering for but randomly picked the Giants since I LOVE New York and I think the Manning boys are pretty cool!

What a game! Holy cow! I was totally screaming at the end...and I definitely didn't think I was THAT into football! ha! But I am just so proud of Eli Manning! I almost cried! LOL... Just seeing his brother and how proud he was of him the whole game and Eli really living in his brothers shadow but now was HIS time to prove who he really was and not just Payton Manning's little brother! How incredible! I'm pretty pumped right now as you could probably tell...but I just had to post a little something about THE best football game I've seen...(except for the halftime show;)!
I will post allll about Colorado tomorrow..but today is my NO WORK day so editing pictures is not allowed;) haha!
I love you all!


Andrew PC Smith said...

You're right, the Superbowl is important. I apologize for being shallow, delineating the wonders of my super*bowl of ice*cream and homeade hot*fudge...
I mean, we are talking about the 30 second clips of men running like mad in between commercials, right? At least they have great beer ads. lol. (jk)

Be sure and don't freeze to death in all that snow. I think I'm going to go tanning outside tomorrow in this blissful, balmy, beatific weather.. *sigh* It's almost like paradise here. You should try it sometime. =D

My sister said she loved chatting with you. I did also. Until next time: Keep up the rizzle dizzle fo shizzle.

J@KE said...

Go Giants! That was a totally awesome game!!

jamiedelaine said...

I'm the same, the Superbowl (the last three minutes) I get so excited about! It's so funny because we were in Seattle on the weekend, and going for lunch yesterday when the hostess said, "Aren't you watching the game?" And my mom's answer was, "No, we're Canadians: we don't care!" Haha.

When we got home we watched the last bit and I agree! I know nothinggg about football, but I like the game and I loved watching the Manning family dynamics as they kept showing shots of Peyton upstairs!

Anonymous said...

HAHA!!! that was so much fun! thanx for inviting us over! It was amazing, it was soooo hilariouse!about how you and rach got into it and started screaming and then was like...wait was that good!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH it was great I love you two! soooooo much! It was great! I had the best time! have a wonderful day of work! Love yous o much ttys!


Heather Paulsen said...

That was awesome! I was totally cheering for NY! My husband was cheering for New England. So that made it fun because we normally cheer for the same team: Bears!

Fun, fun, fun game!!!

Ashlee K. D. said...

that is awesome!! i was really happy that they won! love to read your blog! the pictures are really cool! good job!

Gloria said...

I almost cried too..
b/c my fave team The Pats lost = (
but I'm ok..
halftime was kind of not kool.
Hopefully next year it can me BarlowGirl performing @ kool would that be?

Eric said...

I'm not really a New York fan, I just wanted the Patriots to lose lol. Finally. And I'm happy for Eli, he had a great post-season. :)