Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rotic Valentines night!

Ok...yes I know there is some explaining to do...I hosted a party that my incredible friend Kristen told me's called Rotic Night which basically stands for romantic...but if you take out the "man" in romantic you get rotic! So for Valentine's night my sister Natalie and I invited allll of our single girl friends to have a fun little girly party! On top of that it was a Asian theme so everyone had to come dressed up appropriately...we had some seriously incredible costumes one including black nylons and bubble wrap for a big Chinese up do! SO hilarious! It was a wonderful night of seeing old friends, PF Changs, low asian tables, pictures, laughing, and of course at the end closing the night with an adorable chick flick! Definitely the most perfect Valentine's day! I love it! Here are some pics from it....I would definitely party plan for one of my jobs if I wasn't in photography! It's WAY too much fun and I think I've loved it and planned my own party's since I was like 4 so it's fun to get back into it! :)

PS...Only like 2 more spots for the Spread the Love workshop open!!!!!! Better hurry if your going to join the FUN!!:)


jamiedelaine said...

Aw, Looks like so much fun!! Cute theme, I love it. I remember when you posted another "Rotic" night. Pretty brilliant by the way. (P.S. Did you get my last email?)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had so much fun, Sarah!

What a great idea!


Emma Jean :)

abigail smith said...

Definitely looks like you girls had a blast! Wish I could've been there!

Samantha F. said...

What Abigail Smith said!

You really went all out with the decorations and everything! Very cool!

Samantha F. said...

I checked out the website for "Spread the Love" and it's really nice, Sarah! I like how everything you do has your distinct clean, visually interesting style. Good job!

Heather Paulsen said...

Too much fun! My sisters and I always went out for dinner on V-day night! Now we all change diapers ;-)


Jennifer said...

what a fun idea!!!! at first i was wondering what rotic meant... rotic= romantic- man :D
love the asian theme!

ashley & jeremy parsons said...

Sarah, it was wonderful chatting with you today and we will have to do it again sometime soon! Your creativity has no bounds, and you are your friends are wonderful to celebrate singleness with this adorable party...there will be plenty of time to add the "man" back into romantic. for now, I'm glad your content with where you are!
much love!

ashley & jeremy parsons said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
Been reading your blog for about a year now and love your photos. I know you have your intern program and all that (but I live in Australia)...would you ever think about doing some photoshop hints posts or a forum or something like that? I would love to know how you do your skies, particulary like in your Garden of the Gods and COrnfield/out on the road posts. I love the graduated tones and colours, they're stunning. Anyways, hope its not too cheeky to ask that!

Sarah Renée said...

Hahaha, Angela WOULD be the one w/ nylon and bubble wrap on her head!! lol

Sarah Barlow said...

Ashley!! Sooo wonderful talking to you too!! We'll for sure have to talk soon! :) Yeah, for now it's the best doing Rotic nights!!

Hey Kris! Maybe I'll just do a 2 week internship in Australia sometime!;) That would be my dream for sure!!
Email me if you have any questions! Or check out for some awesome advice too!