Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nothing but sky.

I love taking retreats!! It is one of the best things ever! I get a chance to just get quiet and regroup and think of all the things I need to do, want to do, pray, and read. It's so refreshing and every time I get back I'm ready to get moving on exactly what I'm supposed to do! It's so great cause once you have a vision and know where you are going you need to stay on course to get there! Every so often though things come up and you get busy and it will get you just slightly off where you are supposed to be focused. That is why this is so important because I can completely view my life and stand back and see what I need to correct or add. Yesterday I got back from a short little retreat that I took out at my cousins house while they are on the road. It was amazing just laying out in the grass by the water and just dreaming looking out at the sky and thinking that the possibilities of what I can accomplish are endless and I can literally be and do anything that I want right now. What an amazing feeling! I think I'm going to go back out at the end of the week for a little more R&R but this time was so awesome and God showed me so many amazing things! I'm so excited!
Ps. Here is a picture of my sister a couple days ago out at my was so adorable, it started to rain and she didn't have a coat with her so she had to wear my aunts coat. So that's her and my cousin Nathan out shooting with the guys:)
Pss. lol! That picture at the top is from my last trip to Florida...definitely not from around here!! haha!


joy n said...

hi sarah, i miss you :( i just got back from vacation myself, so i loved your post. call me sometime soon....good things are happening in my life and i want to hear about yours. love you


Samantha F. said...

It's always good to get some time alone with God. =)

I like how you just share yourself on here, Sarah. This blog moves seamlessly from silly stuff, to character building, to spiritual thoughts. It's good! ^_^

Sarah Barlow said...

Joy!! I miss you so much!! I want to hear all about your trip! It sounds like it was amazing:) I will call you soon!! PS..You should talk Pete into flying you over here some time!! hehe!

Sam! Yeah, so true! Thanks so much! I really enjoy blogging even if I have NOTHING to write! lol!