Saturday, April 07, 2007

Looking beyond the boundaries!

My dad and I just watched a movie this afternoon called The Four Minute Mile. The movie was about Roger Bannister the first person to ever break the "barrier" of the 4 minute mile! The funny part was that he and several other guys had been training for years and years to break 4 minutes and nobody was able to so it became almost ingrained in them mentally that it couldn't be broken, that it was humanly impossible to go faster! Then one afternoon everything changed when Roger ran the mile in 3.59 minutes against a bunch of odds too! He had an amazing coach who taught him to ignore what others say about impossibilities and just press through. He gave the example that while he was in the war they were trapped in a body of water that was so cold and you really weren't "supposed" to last beyond 2 hours but he made it to 6!! He went on to tell Roger that it is only pain that you have to endure and when you can you can break those barriers!

This movie just really made me start to think of the barriers that I've set up in my life that I don't think I can pass, just because it's been mentally ingrained in me to think it's impossible!! The best part of the story is that once he ran the mile in 3.59 minutes another guy who had also been training to break it for years ran it in 3.57 a couple weeks later!!! So it was all mental!! What barriers do we need to break for others so that they can win too?? :) I love you all!! I guess I've been pretty deep lately, but it's fun!! lol! Have an amazing Easter and remember the REAL reason why we celebrate it:)


J@KE said...

Great post! Deep is good.

Happy Easter!


Heart Cry... said...

Great post! Thanks for the challenge to pass barriers in my life.

Bob & Dawn Davis said...

Just stopping by to catch up... I LOVE this post Sarah! I hope you and your family had a beautiful Easter!!!

Love to you all...
~ Dawn, Bob, Bobby & Alli

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Bob and Dawn!!
Thanks so much!
Love you all too!!
Can't wait to see you soon!