Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Whew! I made it to the Dominican!
Only after the craziest couple days ever! My goal was to get EVERYTHING caught up before I left so it took alot of work but I did it! Coming off of yesterday, which included going downtown Chicago twice to get my passport and doing my taxes, it's amazing to be down here! Even though this is a "business" trip with a ton of shooting lined up it will still be so refreshing!
Funny though, coming off those crazy days I finally get down here thinking that I remembered everything, get into customs and you have to buy a tourist card to leave the airport...the only problem, I hardly ever carry cash...AND they don't accept a credit card! I had NO clue how I was going to get out of the airport until I finally spotted my aunt through a window and tried to motion to her that I had no money and couldn't get out! So the guards let her in so she could give them the cash!! haha! This should be a fun ride!! :)


Natalie Joy said...

HAha. wow. yeah. crazy yesterday.
Give Aunt Annie, Nicole, Grandma, and Jane alllll BIG hugs from Me!
Oliv says hi.
Jules loved her birthday brownies lol.

Anonymous said...

I know its going to be a great ten days!
I love you.

John said...

Hey Sarah,
hows it goin?
I love you

J@KE said...

hope you have fun and we'll see ya when you get back.

K bye,


Sarah Barlow said...

Oh no!! I missed brownies!! Save some for me!! haha!
Tell Oli hi and that I miss her and only 9 more days to go till I'm home, she's counting down the days! haha!

Mom! I love you too! :)

John! Everythings going great! I've already seen 2 geckos!!! You would love it here! Love you!

Jake! Thank you! I will! When I get back we just have to watch Wives and Daughters again I'm having a major craving!! LOL!

Natalie Joy said...

um. they didnt even save any brownies for me!
ugh. it snowed AGAIN. Julianna is fascinated with it though:) she calls it Oooo. lol

Pastor Joe Barlow said...

Did those geckos try to sell you any insurance?
Take a picture of one for us.