Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Beach!!

Well, I guess I was right! There was no internet out at the beach! Which made the time so much better! :) My grandma, aunt, two cousins and I arrived Friday morning and stayed till this afternoon and did...absolutely nothing! It was so refreshing! We had a place looking out over the ocean and the warm breeze would just blow in! I definitely felt like I was more on a honeymoon than just a normal vacation that's how unreal it was! haha! I got up before sunrise to watch the sun come up over the ocean! It was so breathtaking!!

It was hilarious because I was talking to my cousin about how refreshing it all was and we were both saying that when someone would ask us what were thinking about we realized that we don't think we were really thinking about anything! LOL! I planned on getting some reading done but I didn't even do that! It was great! We just sat by the pool, on the roof, ran by the ocean, and just sat talking for hours and hours! Of course with 5 girls that's pretty much all we did, TALK - everything from saving the world to planning our weddings to be in the DR! :) Absolutely beautiful time!

Right when we got back this afternoon I had to head over to teach a the school youth group! My aunt asked last year if I was interested in teaching it and I was so they found a time for me to do it this year! I taught on vision and having purpose to about 30 students and it went sooo well! God helped me so much because I used to be so nervous doing any kind of public speaking but this time I wasn't nervous AT ALL!! It was a blast I definitely want to do it more often!


Natalie Joy said...

Sweet! Looks like sooo much fun!
Gosh I wish I could be there RIGHT NOW! just for the tan! hehe! Jane looks sooo tan~ Ah..i just love nice cooooollldd chicago...riiight.

Heart Cry... said...

So nice...beautiful sky and ocean...great job teaching the youth! It sounds'll get more opportunity for that soon. =)

Leann said...

Beautiful pictures!!! If you happen to see Aimee Lee while you're in the DR, tell her "hi" from Leann, ok?

You're so courageous speaking in front of groups -- that's something I'm still working on!

Samantha F. said...

Sarah, you are like a breath of fresh air! You deserve the refreshing and the rest!

Soak it all up, enjoy yourself beyond your wildest imagination.... Then get back here as SOON AS YOU CAN!!! I miss you, girlie!

Sarah Barlow said...

Nat, yeah you will LOVE it here! Definitely glad I'm not in Chicago right now!! Yikes!

Rebecca, thanks! Yeah! Can't wait!!

Leann! Thank you!! I haven't seen Aimee yet..I don't think.. But I will definitely tell her you said hi if I see her! Crazy small world! :) Speaking in front of groups becomes so addicting once you get over the nerves it's amazing!

Sam I LOVE your blog comments!! hehe!! I miss you too!!

J@KE said...

You so totally rock SAPpy girl!!!!!!!

Looks like you are just resting up for the next round of life! Have fun and when you come back we'll have to do a movie night. :-P

Bless ya,


Joshua Smith-Cinematographer said...

Looks like yall are having a blast!