Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just so fulfilled:)

My life at the present seems so full and fulfilled it's amazing!! I guess just really doing all the things that I love and being surrounded by the people I love is the cause of it! :) I have done alot of shoots in the past couple weeks and not as much time behind the computer(Thank God!). But the newest love of my life is officially... teaching! haha! I never thought I would say that! My friends, Rebecca, Sam, and I started a girls group for our church! The first meeting was last night and it went so well! God really blessed the whole thing and I'm excited what he does through it! And yet again I had to give the talk:) This time it was, "Why in the world are you a Christian??" haha! I'm working on a blog post about it too(for the blog slacked Dear Natalie blog) but it came during that whole time that I was questioning "Why" in this**post** so it was interesting!! We're going to be doing these most likely every other week or so which should be so much fun and a great way for the girls to connect!!
I love you all and am really excited for what the future holds!!


J@KE said...

You go girl!

Timer? Tripod?


Samantha F. said...

Oooooooo, the picture turned out GREAT!!! Yaaayyy!

That was a wonderful night and your talk was really, really good!

Heart Cry... said...

Yeah! I like the picture! =) Now I can see all their faces and pray for them...yiiiipeeee!!!