Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So busy chillin...

This trip has been so awesome in that I feel like I've done absolutely nothing the whole time and have been completely refreshed yet we've gotten SOOO much work done too! Everyday it basically just consists of reading, looking out over the mountains, shooting, and looking at pics! It's wonderful! This morning I didn't have any plans and everyone was gone so I just sat out on the porch, read, and had my devotional time! All of a sudden it just started pouring rain! It's so spectacular though because I can still just sit out here and not get rained on or anything but watch it come in over the valley in sheets!
Here is a little video of this crazy plant that my aunt showed me!! To bad I can't bring some back to the states! How cool would it be to grow this! haha!
**CLICK HERE** for the video:) For some reason it wasn't letting me embed it here..
This afternoon we are going to try to get in about 7 more photoshoots! We did all 10 guys shoots last week, yearbook pics, and a family shoot. So 8 more shoots to do!! Yeah! :)


Heart Cry... said...

Cool plant...thanks for sharing Sarah! I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures when you get back.
Enjoy the rest!

Natalie Joy said...

lol wow thats crazy!
shrinken (isnt it supposed to be shrunken?? lol

Tim Co. said...

wow i hope its safe to touch lol...! thats pretty cool though!!!

Jasmine said...

Be sure to take an extra day of rest for me! How I wish I was on a vacation too! LUCKY! ;)

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh Tim!! So THAT's why my hair started turning blonde!! LOL

Jasmine! This extra day is just so amazing! I'm enjoy extra just for you;) hehe!