Saturday, March 31, 2007

Question everything.

I've been in a really strange mood lately. I've been just questioning everything! Why I do what I do, why do I run my business the way I do, why do I believe what I do! Definitely probably just a growing up sort of thought process but it's been very interesting!

For instance, I was looking at my wedding packages the other day and thought, "Why do my packages look like this, when everyone else's look like this?" So I decided to completely revamp my 2008 packages to how I want them to look and what I want to include not just what everyone else includes in their packages! Otherwise what is going to set me apart???

This can totally apply to everything in life and maybe it's a little rebellious streak but it's great because EVERYONE seems to be doing the same thing! It get's old after a time! I was just talking to my dad about our church and he was giving me some statistics about the church community today. 83% of the churches in the US are declining! I believe it! They need to rethink the way they "do church"! Because the way alot of them are doing it has not been communicating with this generation! So I thought why not break it down and rethink it all! My dad has this exercise that he does with us alot and it's called "How and Why" basically you take one thing and break it down, like "Why do you brush your teeth?" then you get "because I want my teeth to stay healthy!" "why do you want your teeth to stay healthy?" You just keep going asking the question "why?" to every answer until you get the ultimate answer. Then you can ask the question "How else can I go about doing this? To accomplish the same goal?" It's a pretty sweet way for problem solving and coming up with new ideas!

So what are some things in your life that you subconsciously do but you have no clue why you actually do it?? Is there a better way that you can do it or a way that says YOU rather than a copy? Just some thoughts! I hope you all have an amazing day!!


|| davidjay || said...

Great post!

I'm wondering why they would use Jeremy's pictures? lol

mark said...

finally! hehe.
questioning 'why' and then asking God 'how should i' will take you places you've never thought of.
as far as being rebellious, we should all be rebellious, against the world and the worlds way of doing things. and then be quick to do everything Gods way.

i'm excited to see where this takes you.

Samantha F. said...

Great post Sarah! Do I sense another post is close to completion?? (Hope, hope!)

Sarah, none of your pictures look like anyone elses(and they ROCK), so keep on doing your own thing!

(O_o Jeremy, who?)

Sarah Barlow said...

DJ! HAHA!! Yeah...we should definitely break that question down!! ;) lol!

Mark that's right on:) Yeah, I'm excited what God does!

Sam!!'s almost done! Just breaking through there! Haha! Yeah... I realized that after I posted that it looks like I'm saying that my price list is the only thing that sets me apart..rather it's one of the things! :) Thank you so much!!

|| davidjay || said...


Stacy Cross said...

Girl, I totally totally agree with you! :) This weekend I had a similar moment where I realized I was frantically trying to figure out how everyone else was doing certain things (other photogs) and then I said, "Hey! I should as myself how I want to do things!" Wonderful for us to see this at our point in our careers when we're still young and not set in our way! :)

Jasmine said...

Awesome post! BTW, I think our rebellious streaks are what make us get along quite well!! ;)

CKH said...

Great thoughts. You have inspried me to rethink some aspects of my business. Thanks for sharing.

Ricki Ford said...

I was reading and the part about church it caught my eye the most. I here story from older people in my church talking about how people use to love to go to church. God is the same yesterday today and forever.
A lot of churches have giving up the alter for a stage.
We need to get back to the way it was in the old days when people went to church to worship God and not to be entertained. I think that will help that 83%.