Thursday, April 12, 2007

Silver lining

Wow! What an awesome couple days!
We have so far done 7 senior shoots and almost all the school yearbook pics! All this work and I guess I just need a vacation...haha!! Well actually we are going to the beach tomorrow for 3 days which should be incredible and I heard we are going to do...NOTHING!! Which is so perfect! I'm going to try to work on this tan on the little melanin that I have!! HAHA!

The shoots today went so great! We tried out a bunch of new places but at the end always finish with this place! It turns out to be every ones favorite place to shoot and they all want "the jumping shot" since they saw them from last year:) So here is a new version of it! "Disclaimer - No one was hurt or injured in the making of this picture" THANKFULLY! lol!!
I'm not sure if I'll have internet at the beach but I kind of hope I don't! Love you all!


Mom said...

You are an excellent photographer and I love you so much!
I'm glad your having a great time.

Love ya,

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Have a glorious day Sarah Anne! :)

Natalie Joy said...

whoa. it looks like that person is falling! lol

kristen leigh photography said...

I hope you are having a fabulous time!!!! Enjoy each and every moment :D

|| davidjay || said...

No internet at the beach! Haha!

....That's why you have a crackberry!

Sarah Barlow said...

Mom, I love you so much too!

Thank you everyone! I'm seriously having a blast!

DJ! haha! What's that??
Nah, actually I have to leave my phone off cause I don't have international coverage:(