Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Real relaxing!!

So yesterday we had an awesome day! We spent most of the day out by the lake swimming, reading, and tanning(burning....)lol!! It was great!!! For lunch Natalie, Andrew and I all went to the grocery store for lunch!! Yeah...I know! Sounds REALLY weird...but it is incredible!! They have this monster buffet and then you can go up to any of the pre-made food areas and get whatever you want from there too! It's crazy!! Good thing we don't have this store around us because we would be there everyday!! :)
Last night we went and walked around the little town...I'm not a very good tourist though..usually I just like to have a vacation = do nothing!! :) But...being the loving person that I am;) hehe! I went along to the different shops.. We went to this big arcade and they had Dance Dance Revolution which I TOTALLY stink at!! LOL! I think I need some more practice at our crazy "Barlow" weddings! Afterwards we went to get some fudge which made it worth the whole night! WHOA!!!...let's just say: monster piece of chocolate cake = quarter size of this fudge!! It's amazing!! I love you all!! Here's the **slideshow** from yesterday!


Shyla said...

Skee-ball is my favorite...GO OLIVIA!!! ;)

Brett Austin said...

I think the overwhelming percentage of people aren't good at DDR... but it's still sooo much fun. You might occasionally find me playing it at home alone... with all of the window shades pulled. :o)

I love the vacation shots... I was trying to get DJ to run and jump into the pool like that out in Kona so I could get video of him... but no such luck! :o)

I love the orange hat that keeps making an appearance! Too funny!

Sarah Barlow said...

Haha!! Brett! Yeah DDR is such a blast..although I think I make up my own dance rather than the one they have you do! lol!! can talk DJ into wearing makeup but not into jumping into a pool??...I'm going to have to talk to him about that...LOL!!!!

Sarah Renée said...

Sarah I totally agree with the tourist thing!! I don't like all the crazy "BUY ME (though I'm useless)!"stuff! lol

Shyla said...

Sarah, he couldnt jump into the pool or his make-up would come off... DJ knew what he was doing! ;) haha

J@KE said...

I sooooo need a vacation like the one you are having...... but for now I'll live through the slideshows. lol : )